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For the 2013 film by Animato Studios, see The Box (Animato Studios film)

The Box is a 2003 brickfilm by James Jannicelli.[1] It is about a man who finds himself unable to cross an invisible blockade.[2] It was an entry to the Words of Wisdom Contest on, in which it placed fifth overall.


A man gets up off a park bench and begins to walk away, but bumps into what seems to be an invisible wall. He takes some steps back and tries to run through but is bounced back. He sees other people crossing through it and tries to follow behind one, but still finds himself blocked. As he bangs on the invisible wall, a mime arrives up to it and makes the motion of opening a door before crossing through. The man follows through the mime's door and continues on his way, as the screen reads "think outside the Box".[2]