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The Black Ghosts - Some Way Through This is a 2007 music video brickfilm directed by Ben Falk and Jos Newbolt (who went by "benandjos").[1] It follows the development of a civilization and the bleak sprawl it becomes, and features large city sets and scenarios. It is the official music video for the song.


The video opens with natives who were living in harmony with nature being besieged by settlers. Natives are killed and trees are torn down to make way for buildings. Over the course of centuries, industrialization keeps rampaging until there is a busy and dystopian urban sprawl. The video depicts the outcome of multiple people living in a society, and also incorporates live action footage of The Black Ghosts performing within the LEGO world.[1]


  • Ben Falk and Jos Newbolt - Directors
  • Burt Films Ltd. - Production company
  • Stephen Follows - Producer
  • David, Jordan, Eleonore, and Suzie - Animators[2]