The Bird
The bird flies towards a house
The bird flies towards a house
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Released January 19, 2012
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The Bird is a 2012 comedy brickfilm by "CrazyEd".[1] It follows a man who becomes annoyed by a noisy bird, and attempts to remove it from his premises.[2] The bird reappeared in CrazyEd's later film, The Christmas Tree.

Plot[edit | edit source]

A man sits outside his house, sunbathing. A bird arrives and lands on the wall surrounding the house. The bird begins to make repeated noises, to the annoyance of the man. The man goes to get a stone to throw, but when he turns around, the bird has disappeared. The noises begin again, alerting the man to the bird now perched on his roof.

The man makes various attempts to shoo the bird away, but can never quite reach it. Eventually, he resorts to using explosives to blow his house up. The man laughs, thinking he is victorious, but the bird lands in front of him, unharmed. The bird flies away, and poops on the man's head.[2]

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