The Big Night Out
Steven, Simon and Peter on the title card
Steven, Simon and Peter on the title card
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Directed by
Corinne Halsdorff, Matt Halsdorff and Tim Dotta
  • Tim Dotta
  • Matt Halsdorff
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The Big Night Out is a 2002 comedy brickfilm by Corinne Halsdorff, Matt Halsdorff and Tim Dotta. It follows the story of three socially inept friends who go out one night to try to hit on girls. It was created for BricksWest 2002's Animation Competition[1] and won the Conference Organizers' vote.[2] It was planned as the first of a series,[3] but a follow-up was never released.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Steven and Simon are hanging out when Peter enters. The trio begin talking about girls and decide that tonight they must go where the action is: the museum. They don their flyest threads and confidently head out for the night. Their plan is quickly halted when they find the museum closed, so they think about a new place to go.

The trio decide to go to another happening spot, Piggy Burger. Peter spots a babe and asks for her phone number, but when she reacts negatively he attempts to change his order to something actually on the menu. The worker calls for her manager and Peter begins to make a scene, embarrassing himself in front of a girl he knows who is also there. The trio give up and decide to go home to play chess (or checkers (or backgammon)).[1]

Cast[edit | edit source]

  • Tim Dotta as Peter, Steven
  • Matt Halsdorff as Simon, Manager
  • Melissa Halsdorff as Tara
  • Corinne Halsdorff as Piggy Burger Worker

References[edit | edit source]

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