The Big NaNa Bird
Tina, Jake, and Max look for Roary the lion
Tina, Jake, and Max look for Roary the lion
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Directed by
Michael Bannon
Released March 2001
Running time
19 minutes
Language English
Created for
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The Big NaNa Bird is a brickfilm produced by Wreckless Abandon Studios for The LEGO Group, directed by Michael Bannon. It is based on the LEGO theme Creator, and it was released on a VHS included with the LEGO set 4177 Building Stories with Nana Bird, which was released in March 2001.[1] It follows the Creator mascots, Tina and Max, as they investigate the gradual disappearance of their bricks.[2] The film was produced in the year 2000, and it features a unique design of the LEGO 4+ Figures better suited to animation, with more articulated necks and hands, and multiple face printings. The figures were presumably custom-made by LEGO for the purpose, as the film was produced directly for LEGO System A/S, Denmark,[3] and has a LEGO designer credited as "Model Maker".

Wreckless Abandon Studios also produced the brickfilms just imagine... and The Wheelersville Moo Cow Mystery for The LEGO Group.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Credits[edit | edit source]

Executive Producer:

Directed by:

  • Michael Bannon

Produced by:

  • Pernille France
  • Torsten Jacobsen
  • Mark Bannon

Written by:

  • George Tarry

Sounddesign and Music:

  • Søren Svensson


  • Line Bruun


Director of Photography:

  • John Loos

Director of Computer Generated Imagery:

  • Daniel Pejril

Computer Effects Supervisor:

  • Paul Engin

Computer Effects & Compositing:

  • Geoff Buck
  • Chris Connelly
  • Aaron Czarnecki
  • Andrew Durgin

Set Construction & Props:

  • Steve Bush
  • Michael Sticklett

Model Maker:

  • Kurt Kristiansen


  • Jason Ragosta

Production Manager:

  • Caryn B. Davis

Filmprocessing & Transfer:

  • Continental Film, Miami, Florida

Supervised Transfer:

  • Image Group, New York City


  • Bill Willig

Shot on Kodak Motion Picture Film

  • Daniel Pejril
  • Paul Engin

A Wreckless Abandon Studios Production
in Association with LEGO Systems, A/S

Copyright 2000 LEGO Systems, A/S

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