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The Big Match is a 2001 slapstick comedy sports brickfilm by Thomas Foote. It follows the many antics that occur at a soccer match.[1] It was first premiered at BrickFest 2001, along with Also thwacked Zarathustra.[2]


A game of soccer between a green team and a red team gets under way, but the ball is soon kicked high into the air and does not come down. The referee eventually shoots the ball down, but it is deflated.

A bald player on the green team has the ball and runs by the red players but is stopped by one who successfully manages to negotiate to swap his hair for the ball. Two paramedics with a stretcher run back and forward removing players, eventually having to remove a huge pile of them. Both teams chase a ball across and back the pitch, until they themselves are chased by a group of soccer balls. Two players collide so hard that they manage to swap pants.

After the game, both teams are walking out but run away in fright when they see a sign advertising "LEGO Extreme Rugby" coming in 2002.[1]

References in other brickfilms[]

Frames from The Big Match appear in Out of Time by Chris Salt as the pictures for the Sport section in the newspaper.[3]