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The Beatles Lego logy Ed Sullivan Show to Let It Be 50th Anniversary Edition also known as The Beatles Lego logy is a 2009 brickfilm by Jack Berry. It is a retrospective video showing The Beatles throughout their career. It starts with their first appearance on the Ed Sullivan show in 1964 and closes with the Rooftop concert in 1969.

Due to the use of The Beatles' copyrighted songs, the video got removed from YouTube. It is still available on Berry's personal website albeit in low quality.

Songs in the sequences[]

  • "All My Loving"
  • "I Want to Hold Your Hand"
  • "Help!"
  • "Yellow Submarine" (demo version)
  • "Taxman" (intro only)
  • "Eleanor Rigby" (strings only)
  • "I'm Only Sleeping"
  • "Love You To" (intro only)
  • "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band"
  • "Magical Mystery Tour" (intro only)
  • "I Am the Walrus"
  • "Revolution"
  • "Glass Onion"
  • "Come Together" (intro only)
  • "Get Back"