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The Battle of Bjorn Ironside is a 2006 fantasy brickfilm by Jason Boyle.[1] It follows a viking who enlists the help of villagers to defeat his old boss and king of Sweden, the powerful Bjorn Ironside.[2] It was an entry to the Fame, Infamy and Glory Contest on, in which it placed fifth.


Viking warrior Quelf the Bloody is brought before his leader, Bjorn Ironside, for stealing gold from Ironside. Quelf explains that he felt he was not compensated fairly for a merchant ship raid, and Bjorn dismisses him and banishes him from Sweden.

Quelf arrives at a small village and learns that the priest is collecting gold to pay Bjorn Ironside so that he will stop pillaging them. Quelf claims that he is named Quelf the Blessed and that he is the sole survivor of a village attack by Ironside. Quelf suggests to form a militia and battle Ironside when he arrives in a week. Bjorn plots to use to villagers to surprise Ironside so that he can kill him and declare himself leader of Ironside's army and king of Sweden.

While training the men, Quelf tells the priest's son, Bander, that Bjorn Ironside is so powerful as he is impervious to steel, due to his mother, Auslaug, placing a spell on him. Quelf plans to slay Ironside with a silver sword, but wants to know if there are any other weaknesses. He goes to a spiritualist in the woods who puts him in contact with the spirit of Auslaug. She says that Bjorn Ironside can only be killed by the power of the gods, and that Odin has not foretold the imminent death of Bjorn.[2]

Bander expresses suspicion that Quelf is not who he claims to be, but the priest feels that even if Quelf is a liar, he has been sent by Odin to aid them. Quelf fears that the village is doomed, and comes clean about his identity and plan. He considers running away and leaving the villagers to die, but Odin appears to him and tells him how he must kill Bjorn. Bjorn Ironside and his men arrive, and Quelf faces Bjorn one-on-one. An arduous battle ensues, and Quelf eventually calls on the power of Odin, as Bjorn stabs him. Odin channels lighting through Quelf's sword which kills Bjorn Ironside, but Quelf also dies. Quelf is buried in the village, and it is decided that he will be remembered with both fame and infamy.


  • Jason Boyle as Quelf the Bloody, Bjorn Ironside, Father Alven, Odin, Villager, Spiritualist
  • Colin Boyle as Bander
  • Emily "Sparks Flying" Boyle as Spirit of Auslaug