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Il Barbiere di Siviglia, or The Barber of Seville in English, is a 2001 slice of life brickfilm by Stefan van Zwam and Marcel van Zwam, and the final brickfilm Stefan co-directed with Marcel.[1] It follows a day in the life of the barber Figaro Minestrone and it set to the music Largo Al Factotum by Rossini, from the opera Il Barbiere di Siviglia.[2][3] It was an entry to the Classical Movie Contest on and won in the Best Film category.[4]


The barber, Figaro Minestrone, wakes up one morning and gets ready for the day ahead of him. After grabbing his briefcase, he sets off for work, greeting the townspeople and posting a letter on his way. He then greets the owner of a wig shop before heading in to his barber shop next door. A steady stream of customers arrive throughout the day and the barber cuts their hair to their satisfaction.

When the barber gives a haircut to a wizard, he is presented with a large sum of money via a magic spell. He is ecstatic and runs outside to buy an ice-cream. After finishing his treat, he returns to his shop and continues work. While he is cutting a woman's hair, he becomes distracted by a woman outside buying an ice cream and eating it. He does not pay any attention to what he is doing and ends up cutting all of his customer's hair off. When the customer notices, she is horrified and runs to buy a wig in the shop next door.

The barber leaves his shop, kicks the door closed and goes home. Annoyed with his error, he decides to go back to bed.