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The Bad Day is a 2005 comedy brickfilm by Zach Macias. It is the second film in the Ben and Andy series and is about Andy recounting the bad day he has had to Ben.[1] It was originally planned to be made to warm up for the first Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest, but slow progression meant that it was not released until over a month after the contest, and the contest entry, A Day at the Theatre, became the first film in the series.[2]


Ben is sitting on a bench when Andy arrives, unhappy. Ben asks what's wrong and Andy tells him he has been having a bad day. He explains that first, he fell down a big flight of stairs. He was later mauled by a pack of dogs. He then tripped over a trash can while walking and, for some reason, he was beaten by an old lady with a stick. Ben offers the consolation that his day couldn't possibly get any worse, when two aliens walk up and abduct Andy using a remote control. Ben slowly gets up before running away.

3 days later, Andy falls back down to earth, and is soon chased by the old lady.[1]


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