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The Adventures of Kentucky Jackson is a 2016 comedy adventure brickfilm by Kris Theorin. It follows archaeologist Kentucky Jackson eagerly heading towards a historic temple.[1] It is a parody of Indiana Jones.


Archaeologist Kentucky Jackson and Professor Wakowski arrive by motorbike to a giant temple. They approach the door, and the professor states that beyond it lies ancient secrets. Kentucky heads closer with reckless abandon, stepping on multiple trip switches but managing to come to no harm. When the professor takes one step, he lands on a switch that awakens a statue guardian with a sword. The professor runs away, and Kentucky gets into a battle with the guardian. The professor brings the motorbike around and picks up Kentucky to flee. The guardian gives chase, and Kentucky lobs bunches of dynamite at it. A massive explosion damages the historical site.

In a classroom, Kentucky explains to his students that this event is why he and Professor Wakowski are no longer allowed in Peru.[1]

References to other brickfilms[]

Professor Wakowski mentions "the Farqungluan empire", referencing the religion from Theorin's 2012 brickfilm The Call of Farqunglu.


Year Competition Category Result
2016 Brickfilmer's Guild Film Festival Best Brickfilm of Festival Nominated
Best Story and Screen Play Nominated
Best Cinematography Nominated
Best Animation Nominated
Best Sound Effects Won
Best Music Score Nominated
Best Voice Acting Nominated
2017 Brickworld Chicago Film Festival Best Film (International) Won[2]