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This is an infobox for pages about films.

Information entered into the director, released and language fields are automatically linked and categorised to the relating category.


Navigate to the templates section of the editor and search for 'Template:Infobox brickfilm'.

Alternatively enter 'source mode' of the page editor and paste the following: (obviously changing the details to the page the infobox is on)

{{Infobox brickfilm
|Brickfilm Name =
|image = untitled.png
|imagewidth = 
|imagecaption =
|Directed by =
|Released =
|Starring =
|Genre =
|Running time =
|Language =
|Watch Now =
|Created for =
|Series name =
|Previous =
|Next =
|Series name 2 =
|Previous 2 =
|Next 2 =

If you prefer, after pasting the code above you can switch back to 'visual mode' of the editor to edit the infobox in a more user friendly manner.

Editing template

This template utilises, tables, parser functions and 'if' statements. Please contact User:BoatsAreRockable if you have any questions.

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