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Teh First Kwanzaa Birckfilm Evah olol is a 2006 comedy brickfilm by James Morr. It is a film in the Kevin and Mr. Tater series and is about Mr. Tater's creation of a mascot character for Hanukkah.[1][2] It is a sequel to A Hannukah Message from 2005, and its tongue-in-cheek title is in reference to how A Hannukah Message was deliberately created just to be the first Hannukah brickfilm, in response to user Max "Super Cameraman" Goldberg annoying/amusing other users by over-hyping his plan to release the first Hannukah brickfilm.

In a similar fashion to A Hannukah Message, Teh First Kwanzaa Birckfilm Evah olol actually has little to nothing to do with Kwanzaa.


In Mr. Tater's basement, Mr. Tater is finishing explaining to Kevin how he managed to survive being decapitated by a monkey. He then begins to tell Kevin (and some kid) about the robot that is next to him. He explains that while other major holidays have a mascot character, Hanukkah does not, so he has built 'Martin the Menorah' to be the Hanukkah mascot. Martin the Menorah begins to sing a traditional Hanukkah song, but soon begins to malfunction, leading to a large explosion visible from orbit.[1]


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