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Tectonic Man II: The Uncatchables is a 2008 comedy superhero brickfilm by Brennan Davis and Kelton Davis. It is about Tectonic Man attempting to put a stop to a new gang of jewelry robbers calling themselves "The Uncatchables".[1] It is the sequel to Tectonic Man from 2006. It was intended to be the first part of a two-part story line,[2] but no further Tectonic Man films were ever released. In 2014, the creators mentioned their continued intention to eventually finish the story with another film.[3]


Tectonic Man sits in his mansion listening to a radio drama, during a week that has been uneventful for him. The broadcast is interrupted by a news report that a nearby jewelry is being held up by armed gunmen, adding to the dozens of other jewelry store robberies that have occurred in the past week. Tectonic Man springs into action and dons his superhero outfit before heading to the crime scene.

From the roof of the jewelry store, Tectonic Man observes three armed gang members loading a chest up with valuables, before taking it to a nearby truck. Tectonic Man hops down and knocks out one of the men before taking his gun. He attempts to stop the other criminals, but is taken by surprise by a driver in the truck, who shoots at him. Tectonic Man runs for cover, and the thieves get in the truck to escape. Tectonic Man attempts to jump onto the moving truck, but is knocked back. He hops onto a nearby motorcycle in order to pursue the gang.[1]