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The Technical Excellence Competition was a brickfilming competition held by Jonathan Schlaepfer in 2008 on Bricks in Motion. It was the first official Bricks in Motion contest and the only one to be hosted on the Refugee Camp. Its aim was for entrants to produce a short clip featuring the highest quality animation they could manage. It was intended to be an annual fixture, but only ran once. It was followed by the Space, Time and Reality Contest in 2009.


The contest was announced on July 13, 2008 with a deadline of August 13, 2008.[1] It was billed as the "first annual BricksInMotion Technical Excellence Competition". It had fairly strict rules for the format of entries. Entries were required to contain only one camera shot, contain no audio and be between 10 and 40 seconds in length.[2] The judging panel at the time of announcement was intended to be comprised of Chris Salt, Rachel Dew and Jonathan Schlaepfer. Prizes were offered for first and second place. These were 4996 Beach House for first and 6187 Road Construction Set for second.

While the contest ran to completion, receiving 20 entries, Schlaepfer never posted the results of the contest, and Philip Heinrich mentioned that Schlaepfer had planned to "cancel" the contest.[3] It was only in April 2009, after Heinrich had taken control of Bricks in Motion and after the Space, Time and Reality Contest had already been announced, that the results were finally calculated and released.[4] Heinrich implemented a new judging system and voting was open to any staff member of the site. Those who voted were Chris Salt, Jordan Harris, Kate Fischer, Dustin Finstrom, David Reino, Anthony D'Angelo and Philip Heinrich.[5]

List of all entries:

Film Name Director
Arthritis "timfee"
animation tests Owen "NOstudios" Hyatt
The Beggar's Street Jordan "DoyleProductions" Doyle
Boring Work Daragh Twomey
Break Dance Isak Gutierrez
The Bus Stop "Frogtrap"
Curiosity Killed Ben Jonathan Munoz
Dancing Colonel X "CheeseBrick"
Excellent Robukka Excellent Ilmari Teekkinen
Final Drink "flaminfilms"
Giant Squid Attack Jan Gortnar
Gunning Gangster Nick "Nichartri" Kosovich
Hit Harry Bossert
Ice Cream Conor "Nailer" O'Neill
In The Waiting Room X Allan "Just_a_Minifig" Leeson
Load You Dumb Computer!! X "ryancd774"
Nicktech Ilmari Teekkinen
Owww!!! Emma Graham
TEC Animation Isak Gutierrez
Yet, another lego test Aaron "LegoLoverFilms" Glazer


Top 5
Place Film Name Director
1. Giant Squid Attack Jan Gortnar
2. Arthritis "timfee"
3. Boring Work Daragh Twomey
4. Curiosity Killed Ben Jonathan Munoz
5. Nicktech Ilmari Teekkinen


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