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Teahouse Trouble is a 2004 action brickfilm by Dirk Boettcher about a fight in a Chinese teahouse.[2] It was created for a Fight Film Contest hosted by Alan "Amped" Menhennet on the forums[3] and came second out of three entries.[1] A German dub was later released under the name Ärger im Teehaus.[4]

An extended version of the film was produced for Steinerei 2005, and the set was reconstructed to film an additional scene after the credits. This version won Boettcher the "Most Promising Director" jury prize at the festival.[5]


In Medieval China, an old man drinks in a tea house as the owner cleans the counter, when a gang of three men arrive at the doors. The owner recognises them as Wu Peng and his gang and hides behind the counter as they approach the old man and tell him he is at their table. When he ignores them and continues drinking, they decide he must be taught respect.

One gang member attacks the old man with a staff, but the man instinctively dodges the strikes and flips his attacker onto a table by grabbing the staff. When the next gang member charges at him, he blocks with the staff and throws this one onto the same table. He now faces Wu Peng one-on-one, and after a brief fist fight, Wu Peng draws a sword. The old man jumps onto a table and leaps over a swipe of the sword. Peng stabs forward, but the old man jumps onto the edge of the sword and subdues Peng with a kick to the face. The owner emerges from behind the counter, and the old man tells him he will recommend his house to others.[2]