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Target Earth is a 2017 sci-fi action brickfilm by Kamil Adam Janko. It is about an alien attack on earth that is fought by an army as they attempt to rescue the vice president.[1] It was in production since 2012, and was originally slated for an early 2013 release.[2]



  • Joel Pomeroy as Narrator, Trooper
  • Andrzej Nowobilski as USS captain, Officer in Pentagon
  • Paweł Kamiński as Trooper I, Captain
  • Franciszek Baron as Trooper II, Bravo squad commander
  • Natalia Skrzypczyk as Woman in Pentagon
  • Kamil Adam Janko as Sniper
  • Patryk Droś as Headquarters
  • Antoni Hodakowski as Man with sunglasses
  • Zofia Nowobilska as Vice president
  • Sabina Janko as Assistant


  • Kamil Adam Janko - Animator, VFX
  • Tomasz Ślązak - CGI effects
  • Paweł Smalcerz - Sound mastering
  • "Energetic Fox Studios", Pomeroy School of English, Paweł Kostyra - Special thanks


Year Competition Category Result
2017 Brickfilmer's Guild Film Festival Best Brickfilm of Festival Nominated
Best Story and Screen Play Nominated
Best Animation Nominated
Best Sound Effects Nominated
Best Music Score Nominated
2018 KLAPS National Amateur Film Festival in Bydgoszcz Poland Grand Prix Won
Audience Award Won

Target Earth - Trailer[]


The director introduces Target Earth

On November 3, 2012, Kamil Adam Janko released a trailer for Target Earth, featuring original footage of a director and cameraman talking about the upcoming film in production.


Award nominations[]

Year Competition Category Result
2012 Brickfilmer's Guild Animation Festival Best Voice Acting Nominated
Best Trailer Brickfilm Nominated