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The Tales of Yore Contest was a brickfilming contest hosted by Philip Heinrich from 2010 to 2011 on Bricks in Motion. It was the third major official Bricks in Motion competition, following the Avant-Garde Contest, which concluded earlier in 2010. It was followed by the Kitchen Sink Contest in 2012.


The contest was announced on December 19, 2010, the same day THAC 8 ended.[1] The theme, similar to the Historical Fiction Contest, called for films centred around history, either depicting historical events or simply incorporating historical elements.

There were three sponsors of the contest, who provided most of the prizes. These were BrickLink seller Cincinnati Bricks, animation software company Dragon Stop Motion and custom LEGO accessory producer Brickarms.

The minimum time limit was 30 seconds of animation. As with previous Bricks in Motion contests, there was no maximum time limit. Films were to be submitted in avi, mov or wmv formats, or as an unlisted YouTube video. 28 entries were received.

Judging and prizes[]

The judging system introduced with the Avant-Garde Contest was retained for Tales of Yore. Films were judged by a panel in the categories of Concept and Presentation with their final score being an average of the two. The judges were Zach Macias, Jared Gilbert and Philip Heinrich.[2]

A prize pool format was used for the first time in an official Bricks in Motion contest. The prize options were a copy of Dragon Stop Motion 2.0, 7952 Kingdoms Advent Calendar and a pack of Brickarms items, or a Blue Snowball microphone.


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Place Film Name Director
1. Marooned Jack Bond
2. The Los Angeles River Murder Timothy Ratner
3. The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County John Eggers and Daniel Eggers
4. Possessed Dylan Woodley
5. Secrets of the Lost Tomb Al Nickels
6. Doing it Wright: The Invention of the Airplane Wilson "AnimartianStudios" Weirich
7. Sir Clumsy Bob Kristóf Fekete-Kovács
8. The Three Knights Shelby Pritchard
9. The Treasure of the Templars Iver Jensen and Jakob Jensen
10. The Invention of the Skateboard James Morr
11. The Kennedy Conspiracy X Brandon "buikes" Buikema
12. LEGO Robin Hood X Michael "knowlesproductions" Knowles
13. Paul Revere: Midnight Ride Max Edmeier
14. Dragon Trouble "BluetakProductions"
15. The Pirate X Emilio "emilius17" Aguilar
Outposters Ep. 2: Bigfoot Encounter Ben Young
Lone Rangers Josh Whitted, Justin Whitted and Matt Hetzel (Juggernaut Pictures)
Robin Hood and the Cursed Gems Part 1 X Lewis "Duffosaur" Duffield
Tutankhamun X "Briks"
20. Philadelphia X Robert "RobBrick" Calvert
21. The Past is Perilous "Mr. Darling"
Pest of the West Ben "legostudiosplus" Vomastek
23. The Next Generation "0DonkeyKong" (aka. "GreenShirt")
Jimmermania Part 2: In the NBA X Omar "Mickey" Mickelson
25. The Secret Moon Landing in 1984 "Fury Bros Studios"
Lightbulb X Wilson "TheCorruptedDonut" Poon
27. How Battle of LA Started X "luigi123x"
28. The Door X "ElectricGuitar5000"

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