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Taco Trouble 2: The Trial is a 2021 courtroom comedy brickfilm by Seán Willis, Brian Willis, Andy Boyer, and Dave Lennie. It is set over 15 years after the original Taco Trouble, and follows Biff Feedback and Mario Stradivarius being put on trial for murders they committed in that film.[1] It is the seventh main installment in Boyer and Lennie's Biff and Mario series, and the first since Breaking News in 2004.[2] It is based on a script originally written in 2003, which was slightly revised by Andy Boyer in 2018. It entered production as a result of Seán Willis establishing contact with Dave Lennie in order to interview him for the video The History of Brickfilms: 1990s, and during the interview, the idea of collaborating on the film was discussed.[3] The release of the film made Biff and Mario the longest running brickfilm series, with a span of over 30 years.


A narrator recaps the graphic murders of Doctor X's security guards in 2003, depicted in Taco Trouble.

In 2018, Judge Fryem starts a court hearing against Biff and Mario, for the murders of the five henchmen, to which they plead not guilty. The prosecutor (a monkey named Mr. Jingles) makes his case, claiming that Biff and Mario are godless perverts who smiled during the murders. When informed that the penalty would be death by execution (and not a fine of $100), Mario denies the accusations, claiming he was teaching crippled children to yodel on the night of the murders.

Mr. Jingles calls Gregory Henchman, a security guard impaled by a spear, to testify. The guard accuses Biff of impaling him, to which Biff inquires if he is gay. Doktor X is then called to the stand, and testifies how Mario slaughtered the janitorial crew. Mario asks Doctor X if he is gay, to which he divulges minor homosexuality, based on a drunk hookup as a young man.

Mario calls Biff to the stand. Biff claims he was smiling during the murders, not because he enjoyed it, but because he was high on crack. Mr. Jingles flings feces at Biff.

Mario calls Jesus Christ to the stand, who cleans the feces off of Biff. Jesus testifies that God's law is higher than man's law, and if one believes in Him, they will be forgiven. In desperation, Mr. Jingles asks if Jesus is gay.

In their closing statements, Mr. Jingles reaffirms his accusations. Biff claims the trial is "fake news, invented by the deep state liberal media." Mario asks for a presidential pardon.

Biff and Mario return to their two-wall house. Mario explains that Mr. Jingles was actually Doktor X's pet monkey, and that Doktor X was arrested, but escaped and has vowed revenge on the duo. They leave to go get bagels. And tacos.




Year Competition Category Result
2021 Brickfilmer's Guild Film Festival Best Brickfilm of Festival by Single Animator Nominated
Best Story and Screenplay Nominated
Best Cinematography Nominated
Best Scenic Design Won
Best Animation Nominated
Best Visual Effects Nominated
Best Sound Design Nominated
Best Original Music Score Nominated
Best Voice Acting Nominated
BFG Member's Choice Won
Brickstars Top 10 (English) Fifth place

Behind the scenes gallery[]

Behind the scenes images are available in this gallery on Flickr.


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