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THE ESCAPE (German: DIE FLUCHT) is a 32-minute Star Wars brickfilm by Wilhelm Giesselmann and Christine Pohlmann ("steinchenfilm"). It is set just before the events of A New Hope.[1] The first version was available for download in 2009,[2][3][4] and the final version was released on YouTube in 2010. It was the first brickfilm by its creators, and it took 3 years to make. It was later released in an 8-minute version as ESCAPE from DEVASTATOR.



  • Wilhelm Giesselmann - Creator,
  • Christine Pohlmann - Creator, Special minifig aliens
  • Gerold Deffner - Translation, Narrator, Additional landscape photos
  • Tobias Hornberger - Voice recordings
  • Erhard Wieking - Additional landscape photos
  • Jörn Kaiser - Model crane
  • Niehaus Spiel & Freizeit Lemgo,, - Thanks

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