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TED·E is a 2013 comedy brickfilm by Zach Macias. It follows a robot that moves scrap to be compacted, whose attention is caught by a cute teddy bear.[1]


A robot picks pieces of scrap from a large pile, and places them on a workbench. A large hydraulic press comes down, and presses the scrap into a cube. The robot repeats this process over and over, creating many cubes of different colors. The robot digs in the pile, and a teddy bear catches his attention. He picks up the bear and stares intently at it.

The hydraulic press rises to reveal the bear pressed inside a block of scrap.[1]


Year Competition Category Result
2013 Brickfilmer's Guild Animation Festival Best Brickfilm Nominated[2]
Best Animation Nominated
Best Sound Effects Nominated
Best Lighting Nominated
BFG Member's Choice Nominated