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System Reboot is a 2006 science fiction music video brickfilm by Robinson Wood and Joshua Leasure, featuring the Nadine and Charlie song "System Reboot", and made for the music video contest that Nadine and Charlie held on in 2006.[1] It is the only collaboration between Wood and Leasure, and the last brickfilm Leasure made.[2]


Three robots are built to be a part of an endless assembly line: grabbing a red brick, turning it blue, then capping the brick with a tile and passing it along down the line. Eventually, each robot, starting with the white robot, leaves through the brown doors to explore outside the factory.

The white robot finds a wasteland overgrown with plants and bush. Among the flora, the white robot finds a chest full of treasure.

The gray robot finds an alien landscape full of static bright orange and yellow stalks. Eventually the gray robot is stopped by a great orange wall, and is then suddenly surrounded by the stalks.

Time passes, and the factory falls into disrepair, and is eventually disassembled by the human workers. Left alone, the robots eventually think for themselves, starting with the black robot. The black robot leaves and finds a bizarre landscape full of strange shapes. The white and gray robots are left alone for a moment, but the black robot returns, and the robots resume their work in the assembly line.[2]


System Reboot was nominated for three awards in the 2006 Brickfilming Achievement in Motion Picture Arts awards,[3] including Best Film.[4]

Year Competition Category Result
2006 Brickfilming Achievement in Motion Picture Arts Best Film Nominated
Best Animation Nominated
Best Visual Elements Nominated