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Sven van der Hart is a Dutch brickfilmer.[1] He is best known for the Them Twickenham Knights films.[2] Initially, he primarily created films with Playmobil, and his Playmobil films, such as Bloody Snow, were well received within the brickfilming community. During most of his time as an active brickfilmer, he was based in Denmark.[3]


Year Title Notes
2002 The Viking Five - The Gathering
2002 The Viking Five - The Boss
2003 The Viking Five
2003 Bloody Snow
2003 Santa's New Ride
2004 Penalty
2005 Them Twickenham Knights - Intro sequence
2006 Them Twickenham Knights: Professionals at Work
200? Them Twickenham Knights: Margarita Unfinished
2017 HTM tram in LEGO