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The Summer Contest 2019 (stylized as #SummerContest2019) was a brickfilming event hosted on Brick à Brack during July and August of 2019. It was the follow up to the Summer Contest 2018, and was organized in a similar manner, although at a smaller scale. The event consisted of three challenges spread out over two months, giving entrants 2 weeks to enter and 1 week to recover for every challenge.

Each challenge had prizes for the top 5, provided by The LEGO Group. The deadline of the final challenge was on August 25, 2019, and the results were announced on September 16.[1][2]

Challenge 1: Pre-production[]

The first challenge was announced on July 1, 2019. It focused on the pre-production process of brickfilming. Entrants were asked to write a script and create an accompanying storyboard. The theme prompt was "The discovery of the unknown!" (French "La découverte de l'inconnu !").[3][4] The deadline for this challenge was July 14, 2019. Prizes for the top 5 were LEGO sets: 70423 for first place, 76117 for 2nd place, 70842 for 3rd place, 75965 for 4th place, and a combination of smaller Xtra-themed sets for fifth place.[5]

The top 5 was announced at the end of the contest.[1][2] The link with the full ranking has become unavailable since 2019[6], but a full list of participants and their entries is still available (though some of the files are missing).[7] The first challenge had 20 entries in total.

Top 5
Rank Language Title Written by
1. French Le Monde Bleu "Brickfield54"
2. French L'abbaye maudite "Redbrickstudio"
3. English The Stringray "Arginnon"
4. English By Gaslight "SuitedNinjaNerd Studios"
5. French New York, New York ! "Volrog"
List of all entries:
Language Title Written by
English Phoenix Aneli Defanif
English unknown "AoW-Gamer"
English The Stingray "Arginnon"
English unknown "GUATEMAX Animations"
English unknown "Hoverfrogfilms"
English unnamed "minideliciouspant"
English Beneath "Slotborg"
English By Gaslight "SuitedNinjaNerd Studios"
English Enlightened "Tim&Josh"
French Le Monde Bleu "Brickfield54"
French Oggy et la forêt sombre "Brickfilms Production"
French Bad King "Filoustar"
French La Legoréan "Future Bricks"
French A La Décourverte de l'inconnu "Lego Movie Studio"
French Retour à la réalité "Lego Studio Ninjago"
French La purée de carottes "Lilyena"
French unknown "Mister Courgette"
French Jawa's Story "MOI30540"
French L'abbaye maudite "Redbrickstudio"
French unknown "Sylfried T"
French New York, New York ! "Volrog"

Challenge 2: Production[]

The second challenge of the event was to create a brickfilm. Though there was no specific theme, there was one important rule: animators had to create a film using only one single camera shot, and no post-production visual effects were allowed.[8][9] Prizes for the top 5 were LEGO sets 76130 Stark Jet and the Drone Attack, 80103 Dragon Boat Race, "60234 Fun Fair - People Pack", 75945 Expecto Patronum, and 31058 Mighty Dinosaurs for places 1 to 5 respectively.[10]

The challenge had a total of 24 entries. The top 5 were announced at the end of the contest[1][2], along with the full results.[11]

Top 5 Show full results
Full Results Hide full results
Place Film Name Director
1. LEGO Moon Madness "thefourmonkeys"
2. pan - A One Take Brickfilm "Yetgo"
3. 1940 Tank Encounter "bricktoto 125"
4. LEGO Time Cruisers: Origins Preview Clip "Arginnon"
6. Into the Labyrinth "AoW-Gamer"
7. Triumph of the Macedonians "Redbrickstudio"
8. COLE ROCKS! "GUATEMAX Animations"
9. Red Brick Smasher "Barrista Flicks"
10. Lego Mission 007 "BRICK STUDIOS"
11. Lego_Rock_Monster_Animation.test "HoverfrogFilms"
12. Lego Police "legocreatorbrickfilm studio"
13. Titre original "Ferdinand"
14. The Theif "PlasticPointProductions"
15. One Shot "minideliciouspant"
16. Lego Magic Show "Lego Brick Studio"
17. Un Petit Creux... "Future Bricks"
18. Walking Dangers "Proxystudio30"
19. entrainement à la caserne "Lilyena"
20. Petit tour de manège "Drak"
21. Picsou à la poursuite du sous fétiche (film lego mono-plan) "MOI30540"
22. unknown X unknown
23. Le Duel X "Filoustar"
24. Wolverine:le combat de l'immortel "Calvlego production"

Challenge 3: Post-production[]

The third and last challenge was focused on post-production. Entrants had to create a "dynamic trailer" based on already existing brickfilms, made by either themselves or others (with permission). Judging was based on the editing, soundtrack, and visual effects added by the entrant; special effects that were already in the original brickfilm did not count towards judging. The third challenge was announced on August 12, and the deadline was August 25.[12][13] Prizes were LEGO sets 70653 Firstbourne for 1st place, "75935 Baryonyx Face-Off: The Treasure Hunt" for 2nd place, a LEGO Hidden Side set for 3rd place, 75239 Hoth Shield Generator for 4th place, and "60221 Diving Yacht" for 5th place.[14]

The challenge had a total of 25 entries. The top 5 were announced at the end of the contest on September 16[1][2], along with the full results.[15]

Top 5 Show full results
Full Results Hide full results
Place Film Name Director
1. Bande Annonce Incident 74 "masterwonder"
2. Avengers Assembled | Event Trailer "Bricks & Pieces"
3. The Summer Contest Playlist - TRAILER "Yetgo"
4. Hold The Lines Trailer - Summer Contest Part III "Gwen Movies"
5. Bande Annonce : Le Siècle Froid - Participation Challenge 3X "Clodoloco"
6. Ripped Away Trailer Trevor Stevens
7. Antarctique - Bande annonnce "guts24"
8. LEGO Time Cruisers: Origins - Teaser Trailer "Arginnon"
9. OVERRIDE "Barrista Flicks"
10. MBU Phase 1: Annihilation "minideliciouspant"
11. Escape - A Lego Star Wars Fanfilm Trailer 2 "Brickstorming"
12. Star Wars LGDE Bande-Annonce Summer Contest "Lego Studio 62"
13. //TRAILER// Wormhole "Creative Motion"
14. unknown X unknown
15. Lego Titanic Trailer "BRICK STUDIOS"
16. Trailer - Siegfried the supposed one "AoW-Gamer"
17. SPIDER-MAN 2.0 / trailer brickfilm lego "Future Bricks"
18. Grimmona Chronicles Trailer "Grimmona"
19. Bande annonce LSN World saison 2X "Lego Studio Ninjago"
20. Lego star wars the clone wars "Thanos"
21. Bande annonce Picsou et le mystère du sou fétiche "MOI30540"
22. Snake Attack Trailer "Master Brick"
23. Lava Man VS. Iron Doom "brick_breaker"
24. Officer Jet's first mission - Trailer "Tim&Josh"
25. Black Ghost Trailer "Filoustar"


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