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The Summer Contest 2018 (stylized as #SummerContest2018) was a brickfilming event hosted on Brick à Brack in 2018.[1] The event was composed of 8 challenges which were spread out over 9 weeks, from July 2 to September 2, 2018. Each challenge had a different theme related to the making of a brickfilm, from the preproduction stage to the postproduction. Participants were freely allowed to enter or skip any of the challenges, and entries were allowed in either English or French.

The contest is notable for its large amount of prizes totalling at least 24 prizes, with each week's top 3 contestants receiving a LEGO set or coupon code. The judging panel consisted of many members, both English-speaking and French. Most of the judges only rated a few of the challenges, allowing some of them to participate in some challenges as well as judge on others.

A year later, Brick à Brack would follow up with a similar event, the Summer Contest 2019.

Week 1 - Writing[]

The first week of the contest was a writing challenge from July 2 to July 8. The scripts had to be written in French or English and the theme was suitcase. The winner won the LEGO set 60144 Race Plane, while second place and third place won the 60135 ATV Arrest and 41599 Wonder Woman sets, respectively.[2]

In total, the challenge received 39 entries,[3] which were judged by a jury of four members. The results were announced on July 24.[4][5]

Top 3
Rank Language Script title Written by
1. French PANARCIMANES "Brickfield54"
2. French IN EXTREMIS "Aiwha"
3. English 75 MINUTES TO EMORY "chris_gbp"
List of all entries:
Language Script title Written by
English The Dwarf Who Took a Suitcase to Work Kristóf Fekete-Kovács
English SUITCASED "Brick Broadcasting"
English 75 MINUTES TO EMORY "chris_gbp"
English Home Alone 1 "Dan Animations"
English It Goes "Darkdragon"
English MISTAKEN "dudebrick"
English The Drop "Holding Our Own"
English The Living Suitcase! Johnathan Rabon
English THE SUITCASE "Isaac The Animator"
English MY RESISTANCE IS LOW "jahnocli"
English Operation: Tombola "JO Co"
English The Case of the missing Toad Joshua Nelson
English Mr White's Day Off "minideliciouspant"
English untitled "Sir Snorlax"
English CHECK YOUR LUGGAGE "Space Sushi"
English ZOO "Spino"
English A DEAL TO DIE FOR "SuitedNinjaNerd Productions"
English The Suitcase "thefourmonkeys"
English BRIEF ENCOUNTER "thistof"
English JUSTIN CASE "UnDouglas"
French IN EXTREMIS "Aiwha"
French L’œuf "Aminix"
French PARACRERIMANES "Brickfield54"
French Imbroglio "Croco Boss"
French Les Sunflowers et leur valise "Elhiendal"
French untitled "Frosty"
French La valise inter-dimentionnelle "Future Bricks"
French VA, LISE ! "Gwen Movies"
French L'Escorte de Golden City "LeKaribouProd"
French À l’aventure! "MBstudio"
French Valise Surprise "Nanomega"
French A l’AÉROPORT "Proxystudio30"
French Chronotopia "Redbrickstudio"
French Amnésie génétique "Redroax"
French Tu n’auras pas ma peau Pierre "The Bricktator"
French Braquage avec une valise Blindée. "TheCrosyfilm"
French Mémoires d'une valise "Volrog"

Week 2 - Adaptation[]

The second week of the summer contest, from July 9-15, saw an adaptation challenge. Entrants had a week to completely recreate a scene of their favorite brickfilm of choice, with a minimum length of 15 seconds. The prizes for this round were the 31063 Beachside Vacation set for the winner, and the 60149 4x4 with Catamaran and 41602 Rey LEGO sets for second and third place, respectively. Additionally, BrickWarriors provided vouchers for $25, $15, and $10 off for the first, second, and, third place.[6]

The contest received 18 entries, and a jury of 5 members picked a top 3. The results were announced on July 30.[7][8]

Top 3 Show full results
Full Results Hide full results
Place Film Name Director Based on
1. A Coffee Adaptation "Yetgo" Coffee Cop in Lego City
by "laserschisser"
2. Bob and Randy E2.5 chris_gbp Spirit of the West
by "rioforce"
3. Ninjago of the West "Undershadow" Spirit of the West
by "rioforce"
4. LEGO dog (Dalholtern) "legocreatorbrickfilm studio" LEGO Dog
by "Mattis Brick Studio"
5. Lego star wars (Brotherhooddworkshop remake) "mignonou studio" LEGO Star Wars: R2-D2 Unrestrained
by "Brotherhood Workshop"
6. Duel of the Fates - A BaB Contest Entry "Isaac The Animator" Lego Star Wars Special 2
by "FlapJack Films"
7. EgyptianJourney_Remake "louisoswalt" Egyptian Holiday
by Spencer Katz
8. Lego Diamond Heist - Remake "Proxystudio30" Lego Diamond Heist
by Michael Hickox
9. Attack of the Foil! "Space Sushi" Attack of the Magnets!
by Jett Williams
10. Team Cap VS Black Order (Stop-Motion Remake) "minideliciouspant" LEGO Avengers Infinity War: Team Cap vs Black Order
by "AkashLegoProductions"
11. Le Fart - The Pet "Elhiendal" The Fart
by "Altlandstudios"
12. Bring Me a dream - remake "Croco Boss" Bring Me A Dream
by "MBstudio"
13. Benny n' Lee LeeBay Chinese Version "Alaberria" Benny 'n Lee episode 2: LeeBay
by "sillypenta"
14. Présentation de Brick à Brack - remake "Volrog" Brick à Brack, le plus grand site dédié aux brickfilms
by Brick à Brack
15. SHEEP - Remake X "Aminix" unknown
16. James Bond in Lego "Ice Fox" James Bond gun barrel sequence
17. Scutarius Episode 1 "LeKaribouProd" Scutarius Episode 01
by "gaudriole production"
18. doop Kristóf Fekete-Kovács Days Of Our Pizza
by "Keshen8"

Week 3 - Set design[]

The third challenge of the Summer Contest was a set design event that started on July 16 and ran until the 22nd. The aim of the contest was to build a set based on a chapter of a science fiction story written by "dom_10" for the contest.[9][10] Although set design was the main focus of this week's challenge, the entries would be judged on the quality of the submitted photographs. The prize for each of the top 3 winners was the 60150 Pizza Van LEGO set.[11]

The set design challenge received 12 entries, which were posted on the forums on July 30.[12] The results were announced on August 6.[13] The judges also released a full overview of the results in PDF form.[14]

Top 3 Show full results
Full list Hide full results
Rank Entrant Link to photograph
1. The Four Monkeys [1]
2. "louisoswalt" [2]
3. "Volrog" [3]
4. "Maconov" [4]
5. "Isaac The Animator" [5]
6. "LeKaribouProd" [6]
"Yetgo" [7]
8. "PlasticPointProductions" [8]
9. "minideliciouspant" [9]
10. "NYAJ Frame-ations" [10]
11. "Proxystudio30" [11]
12. "The Stop-Motion Lady" [12]

Week 4 - Animation challenge[]

The fourth week in the Summer Contest saw an animation challenge that ran from July 23 to July 29. The theme was "Time, a question of speed" and the objective was to animate a minifig in different speeds: a normal pace, slow motion, and speed motion. The prizes were LEGO set 60121 Volcano Exploration Truck for first place, 60164 Sea Rescue Plane for second place, and 60158 Jungle Cargo Helicopter for third place.[15]

On August 13, the results were announced.[16] The panel consisted of two judges, Maxime Baconnais and "Max_LG". Twenty films were entered in total.[17]

Top 3 Show full results
Full Results Hide full results
Place Film Name Director
1. Time, a question of speed John McErlean
2. Dusting the Suit "thefourmonkeys"
3. Brick à Brack Summer Contest Week 4 Entry "Ozone Studios"
4. Walk/Jog/Run "Isaac The Animator"
5. Running Through Time "Yetgo"
6. Flare test Kristóf Fekete-Kovács
7. unknown X unknown director
8. The Lumberjack "Blue Brick Studio"
9. A Glorified Animation Test Johnathan Rabon
10. The Potion "Proxystudio30"
11. unknown X unknown director
12. Brick à Brack's Summer Contest - Week 4 Animation Challenge Entry "twickabrick"
13. time, a question of speed "minideliciouspant"
14. Le Portail #2 "LeKaribouProd"
15. Lego Tron Escape Arena "Elhiendal"
16. Time, a question of speed "PlasticPointProductions"
17. unknown X unknown director
18. Skeleton Joshua Nelson
19. Duel. "Croco Boss"
20. Expérience 608 "Volrog"

Week 5 - Sound design[]

The fifth week of the contest centered around adding a full soundtrack to a silent film created by for the event by "Brickfield54", entitled The Temporal Loop.[18]

Entrants were free to write and record their own dialogue or voiceovers, and add sound effects and music, but could not change the visuals in any way. Submissions had to be audio files (MP3 or ACC) sent via email. The challenge started on July 30 and ran until August 5. The prizes for the top 3 were LEGO sets 21312 Women of NASA for the winner, 60107 Fire Ladder Truck for second place, and 60157 Jungle Starter Set for the third place.[19]

On August 20, the results were announced. In total, there were 11 entries which were judged by a panel of 5 members.[20] A downloadable version of the video with all the soundtracks combined in the file was released together with the results.[21][22]

Top 3 Show full results
Full results Hide full results
Place Entrant
1. "Wammy"
2. "JumboGauge"
3. "MBstudio"
4. Joshua Nelson
5. "Nanomega"
6. "NYAL Frame-actions"
7. "UnDouglas"
8. "Proxystudio30"
9. "minideliciouspant"
10. "Isaac The Animator"
11. "Volrog Studio"

Week 6 - Fight scene[]

For the sixth week, the challenge was another animation challenge. This time, entrants had to animate a fight scene, with emphasis on the fighting action. Only the animation was judged. The challenge started on August 6 and the deadline was on August 12. As for prizes, the winner would receive LEGO set 21032 Sydney, with a219 piece starter kit for second place and the Aquaman BrickHeadz set for third place.[23]

The results were announced on August 27, with a total of 20 entries judged by a panel of 3.[24][25]

Top 3 Show full results
Full Results Hide full results
Place Film Name Director
1. One Man Army "ffingers"
2. Fight Challenge John McErlean
3. Duel Sylvain Gouyon
4. Lego James Bond Fight "Ice Fox"
5. LEGO Simple Duel "thefourmonkeys"
6. Combat. "4clem4"
7. REVENGE "Yetgo"
8. Duel "Skrins"
9. Black Panther vs Killmonger "Isaac The Animator"
10. LEGO Fight Scene "Dalholtern"
11. unknown X unknown director
12. unknown X unknown director
13. The Fight "Proxystudio30"
14. Bagarre "LeKaribouProd"
15. The Fight "PlasticPointProductions"
16. unknown X unknown director
17. Combat sur le chemin de ronde "Volrog"
18. Shopping Mall Gangster Battle "minideliciouspant"
19. La battle des filles "masterwonder"
20. Les aventures de Spiderman #3: l'attaque des brigands ! "Future Bricks"

Week 7 - Storyboarding[]

The penultimate challenge involved the making of storyboards. A script written for the event was provided by "Brickfield54".[26] The challenge started on August 13 and the deadline was on August 19, giving entrants a week to create a storyboard based on the script. Prizes were LEGO sets 21039 Shanghai for the winner, 31080 Modular Winter Vacation for second place, and 42074 Racing Yacht for the third place.[27]

The storyboarding challenge had 7 entries, judged by a panel of three. The results were announced on September 4. [28][29] A downloadable ZIP file with all the entrants' storyboards was provided as well.[30]

Top 3 Show full results
Full results Hide full results
Place Entrant
1. "Guts24"
2. "Dudebrick"
3. "Gwen Movies"
4. "louisoswalt"
5. "Elhiendal"
7. "Plastic Point Productions"

Week 8 - Full brickfilm[]

The eighth and final round of the Summer Contest was announced on August 20. Entrants needed to create a complete brickfilm with a length of at least one minute. Although a theme was not specified, the brickfilm did need to prominently feature an animal. Minifigures were allowed, but only in a role secondary to the animal. Entries would be judged by a panel of 5 on script, animation, sets design, and sound design, the elements which were the focus of previous challenges. In contrast to the previous challenges which ran for one week, entrants had two weeks to create their brickfilm with the deadline being September 2, 2018.

Prizes included LEGO sets 76082 ATM Heist Battle for the winner, 76044 Clash of the Heroes for second place, and 75870 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 for the third place. Additional (though unspecified) prizes were provided by Brickstuff and Brickwarriors.[31]

The final challenge received 10 entries. The results were announced on September 11, 2018.[32][33]

Top 3 Show full results
Full results Hide full results
Place Film Name Director
1. Destined to Die Seza Tiara Selen
2. The Yellow Brick Horse Kristóf Fekete-Kovács
3. Crocrodile Clément Persicot
4. Another Dog Film "Dalholtern"
5. Dis(cow)ver "Croco Boss"
6. Lost "Proxystudio30"
7. Quack Story "Mix.TV"
8. Shark Fishing "MicMac-BrickFilm"
9. Le fabuleux destin de Canin "LG Cinema Family"
10. Le lion X "Caloutaro"

Overall Ranking[]

Together with the results of the final challenge, an overall ranking was released as well. The overall ranking was based on the scoring during the eight weeks, with the last challenge counting double. In total, 66 members participated in the overall event, with a total of 136 entries judged during the two months.[34][35] It is unknown whether the overall top ranking entrants received any prizes.

Top 3 overall Show full results
Full overall ranking Hide full results
Place Entrant Point total
1. "Yetgo" 112,42
2. "Proxystudio30" 101,8
3. "minideliciouspant" 87,63
4. "Isaac The Animator" 85,91
5. "Volrog" 77,18
6. Kristóf Fekete-Kovács 74,066
7. "LeKaribouprod" 64,7
8. "Croco Boss" 63,87
9. "thefourmonkeys" 63,186
10. "Elhiendal" 52,9
11. "4clem4" 47,19
12. "PlasticPointProductions" 46,83
13. "louisoswalt" 46,04
14. "Ozone Studios" 43,75
15. "Ice Fox" 43,07
16. "Dalholtern" 40,17
17. Joshua Nelson 38,78
18. "FuturePast Productions" 36,6
19. "Chris_gbp" 33,3
20. "Wammy" 32,85
21. "MBstudio" 31,47
22. "NYAJ Frame-ations" 30,3
23. Johnathan Rabon 30,01
24. "guts24" 30
25. "Gwen Movies" 29
26. "UnDouglas" 28,99
27. "Space Sushi" 28,44
28. Jared Johnson 26,7
29. "Nanomega" 26,35
30. "MixTV" 24,8
31. "MicMac-Brickfilm" 22,4
32. "LG Cinema Family" 21,6
33. "Grandviewworkshop" 21,08
34. "Caloutaro" 20,32
35. "ffingers" 18,33
36. Sylvain Gouyon 17,67
37. "Future Bricks" 16,83
38. "Brickfield54" 16,8
41. "Aiwha" 16,5
43. "legocreatorbrickfilm studio" 16,4
44. "mingnonou studio" 15,8
45. "Blue Brick Studio" 15,75
46. "Redbrickstudio" 15,16
47. "thistof" 15,04
48. "SuitedNinjaNerd Productions" 14,88
49. "twickabrick" 14,7
50. "Redroax" 14,66
51. "Sir Snorlax" 14,38
52. "DarkDragon" 14,216
53. "Aminix" 13,7
54. "Holding our Own" 12,88
55. "Skrins" 12,67
56. "Spino" 12,5
57. "The Stop-motion Lady" 12,25
58. "TheCrosyfilm" 11,5
59. "JO Co" 11,3
60. "Wolf" 10,67
61. "Brick Braodcasting" 10,6
62. "jahnocli" 10,32
63. "The Bricktator" 10,166
64. "Dan Animations" 7,8
65. "Frosty" 7
66. "masterwonder78" 6,83


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