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Stranded is a 2004 survival brickfilm by Felix C.[1][2] It is about a man in a lifeboat who washes up on a remote island.[3] It was Felix's first brickfilm, and it was an entry to the A Peculiar Event Contest on[4]


A man wakes up finding himself adrift in a lifeboat. He spots an island, which he heads for. On the island, he finds that there are no inhabitants apart from the monkeys. He begins to look out to sea using a pair of binoculars.

The man gets a nights sleep, but when he wakes up he finds that his binoculars are missing. He begins walking in search of them, while nearby a father monkey greets his son. The son is excited about finding a human and wants to take the man home, but the father monkey forbids this as they already have a pet.[3]