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Storm-Trippin' is a 2013 Star Wars brickfilm by Aaron Legg.[1][2] It follows a hapless stormtrooper who tries to go through training to become part of the Imperial army.[3] It was followed by Storm-Trippin 2 - A New Home in 2015. A new version of the film was released in 2017 featuring an original soundtrack, due to the YouTube upload of the original version often becoming muted on account of the copyrighted music used.[4]


A stormtrooper sees a poster advertising training to join the Imperial forces. He dreams of being a hero to the Empire, and goes to sign up. He joins two other trainees, and an Imperial officer begins the training, starting with droid assembly. The officer shows how to assemble a battle droid, and the other trainees manage to copy him correctly, but the stormtrooper fails with the design and creates a droid that attacks the officer.

Over the next month, many more tasks occur and follow a similar pattern, with two of the trainees following them successfully but the stormtrooper managing to make a mess of them. A graduation ceremony takes place and the first two trainees are given diplomas and guns, but the stormtrooper is given only a plunger, and directed to the bathrooms. Upset, he leaves the building, and sits on a bench outdoors. At a nearby Jedi training center, a Jedi trainee is kicked out. She walks to the bench and also sits down, dejected. The two misfits end up connecting over their similar experiences, and walk off into the sunset together.[3]


  • Aaron Legg - Writer, Animator, Editor
  • Tim Legg - Editing consultant[5]

Remastered audio (2017)[]