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Stone-Time is a 2007 comedy brickfilm by Mario Baumgartner.[1][2] It is set during the stone age and is about the difficult beginnings of influential inventions.[3] It was created for Steinerei 2007, in which it placed third in the jury choice and second in the audience choice.


In the stone age, two cave people hunt for food, while a third works on something. The inventor caveman shows the other two a wheel, but they just hit him as it isn't edible. The inventor envisions how the wheel could be used to create vehicles, and build a car which he then shows to the others. A caveman tries out the car, but it goes very fast before crashing, and the caveman hits the inventor.

The inventor creates a generator to provide electricity. When he turns it on, the cave people are amazed to see it power a light. However, a caveman soon receives an electric shock, and he hits the inventor. The inventor next creates a rudimentary animation viewing device, and it is imagined how this could become a cinema screen. The cave people combine the inventor's three creations to build a drive-in theater.

Despite their rocky beginnings, the inventions eventually lead makind to be able to land on the moon.[3]


  • Mario Baumgartner - Director
  • Steffen Troeger - "Stone-Time" music track
  • Gangs Jan Wav - Music
  • A Night Lee I G - Music
  • Ewa Baumgartner - Consultation
  • Nils Baumgartner - Consultation
  • Mirko Horstmann - Voice
  • Pinus Hauser - Voice
  • Sandra Abele - Voice