Stille Nacht
The homeless man looks at a Christmas display
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Directed by
Released December 2009
  • Daniel Dericum
  • Michael Kröhnert
  • Ricarda Schumann
Running time
Language German
Created for BCCC '09

Stille Nacht is a 2009 drama brickfilm by Max Zachner.[1] It follows a homeless man during the Christmas season.[2] It was created for the Christmas Contest 2009, and won first place.[3] Previously, Zachner had won the 2008 edition of the contest with the film Extreme Geschenking.

Plot Edit

Cast Edit

  • Daniel Dericum as the man
  • Michael Kröhnert as the priest
  • Ricarda Schumann as the woman

Crew Edit

  • Max Zachner - Writer, Director, Sound
  • Ulli Laven - Writer
  • Martin Hornung - Music
  • Niklas Nienaß - Casting
  • Felix Baumann - Brick donations
  • Wenzel Zachner, The senior choir of the Victoria School Aachen under the direction of Urs Wörner, The Circus Configurani under the direction of Krenne Aymanns, The Theater99 in Aachen, Ulli Laven, The BrickBoard - Special thanks

References Edit

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