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The Steve and Dave series is a series of brickfilms created by and starring Nate Burr. The series follows Steve and Dave, two oddball characters who have conversations and encounter even more oddball characters in their adventures. Steve and Dave is considered influential on the many "dynamic duo" or "two guys" series and films that followed.



Dave and Steve in front of the clock tower, from Mystery of the BoB

The Clocktower Trilogy
The first three films to star Steve and Dave became viewed as their own sub-series for sharing similar themes and for their titles all beginning with the phrase "Mystery of the". They became known as The Clocktower Trilogy for all taking place in front of a clock tower. The Clocktower Trilogy as a whole won the Audience Choice award at BrickFest 2002.[1]

Mystery of the Ewok (2002)[]

A fight between Steve and Dave is broken up by a man who turns out to be more mysterious than he seems.

Mystery of the BoB (2002)[]

Steve and Dave's argument is interrupted by a strange man who falls out of the sky, known as BoB.

Mystery of the Freaky Ass Day Where Everyone Was a Robot (2002)[]

Steve and Dave come into possession of a book that grants wishes and, despite BoB's concerns, soon turn themselves into giant robots.


BoB beats Dave at Pong, from The Game

The Game
The Game is a film in two parts set in a games arcade. The first part primarily shows a game of Pong, but features Dave, BoB and Steve in the last scene. The second part follows immediately from the first and directly continues a conversation between Dave and BoB. The two parts were made and released within a week of each other. The first part was included in the German PONG.mythos Art Exhibition in 2006.[2][3]

The Game (2002)[]

Dave and BoB play Pong, and BoB wins easily. Dave questions whether BoB is cheating.

The Game part 2: The Doggie (2002)[]

BoB and Dave discuss a prior agreement following Dave's defeat. Steve and Dave's friend Peter arrives with a large purple animal that he claims to be a dog.


Steve spots a freak, from Uber-Freak

The Freak trilogy
The Freak Trilogy is a series of three films about abnormal LEGO figures or knock-off brand figures. The first film in the series only features Steve and Dave for a single-line cameo at the end, but can be viewed as a Steve and Dave film due to its inclusion in a montage of their previous adventures in Christmas with Bluntmation. The next two films feature Steve in a central role, though Dave does not appear in either of them. Each film in the trilogy was produced within one day[4][5] and the second film, UBER-FREAK, was produced in just 10 minutes.[6] The Freak films were the basis of the film Evening Report by Nick Maniatis, which depicts a news report about the treatment of freaks and features a brief appearance from Steve.[7]

The Freak (2002)[]

Steve and Dave witness a freakish-looking man being persecuted and attacked by various people.

Uber-Freak (2002)[]

Steve witnesses a pair of extremely deformed freaks.

Hairy-FREAK (2002)[]

A freakish-looking man with a large beard is approached by Steve, who warns him that "accidents" have been happening to freaks in the area and advises him to leave.

Christmas with Bluntmation (2002)[]

Steve cannot get into the Christmas spirit, and Dave decides they should have montages of their past adventures.

Geek Out (2003)[]

Steve hypothesizes about the poor aim of Stormtroopers, before receiving an unexpected item.

The White Ninja (2003)[]

A ninja breaks into Steve and Dave's apartment, looking for their magic book.

Grumpy Monkey (2004)[]

Steve enjoys a moment alone in a park, but is soon interrupted by a talking monkey.[8]

Hellephone (2004)[]

Steve is advised not to answer the phone while maintenance is being performed on the line.[9]

Sai the Magic Word (2004)[]

Steve and Dave are pursued by a trio of ninjas who are trying to acquire the magic book.

All Hallows Steve (2005)[]

It is Halloween and Steve and Dave have still not found a new place to live, so Dave's parents allow them to stay at their house, as long as they hand out candy to the trick-or-treaters.

No Evil trilogy


"Is Dave dead?", from the No Evil films

See No Evil (2005)[]

Steve and Dave experience a power cut in Dave's parents' house. Dave attempts to reset the fuse box, but receives an electric shock and is launched outside onto the road. It is not made clear whether he is alive or dead and the film ends on a cliffhanger.

Hear No Evil (2006)[]

Dave is in hospital in a coma after being electrocuted, & Steve attempts to wake him up.

The planned end to the trilogy, Speak No Evil, was never released.

Other Films Featuring Steve and Dave[]

While several other brickfilms have featured Steve and Dave, they are not considered a part of the Steve and Dave series, either because they are cameos, such as Hallowieners, or Steve and Dave are pulled out of their normal environment, such as Repugnant.

Donnie the Mobster: Trouble at School! (2002)[]

In this brickfilm by Nick Maniatis, Steve pops out of a box to pick on a kid who is having a problem with being bullied at school.

Evening Report (2002)[]

In this brickfilm by Nick Maniatis, a news report considers prejudice against freakish members of the community (referencing The Freak films). Steve is among those asked his opinion on freaks, to which he says he doesn't have a problem with them.

Good Company (2002)[]

In this brickfilm by Nick Maniatis, Steve appears as a motorcycle rider who assists the main character, Marlow. Nate Burr stated that he considered Steve to be "acting" in this role.[10]

A Clone Blunt War (2003)[]

At the end of this film mocking a forum troll, Steve and Dave appear in bizarre costumes and Steve says that he will be picking the new year party costumes next year, though Dave does not see a problem with them.

Out of Time (2003)[]


Dave and Steve on the newspaper from Out of Time

In this brickfilm by Chris Salt, Dave and Steve appear on the front page of a newspaper underneath the headline "TWO HELD IN REALITY BREAKDOWN PROBE", with the subheading "Bearded man denies alll knowledge".[11]

Repugnant (2004)[]

In this parody of Jay Silver's Rapunzel, Steve (taking the place of the knight) arrives at Rapunzel's tower and calls for her to let down her hair, but sees that she is a long-dead, decomposing skeleton. He blames his late arrival on his horse, who wanted to see the crusades. This film was produced alongside and released at the same time as RP2020 by Nick Maniatis, with these two films starting the Rapunzel parody trend.[12]

Hallowieners (2004)[]

In this brickfilm by Kate Fischer, Steve and Dave appear at a Halloween party dressed as Batman and Spiderman respectively, and argue over which superhero would win in a fight.


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