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Stephen Nolen and Austin Nolen are American brickfilmers. They are known for The Factory Fix, Don't Bug Me, Dude! and for their many music video brickfilms.[1] While many of their films were made together, certain films were produced solely by either Stephen or Austin,[2] and all films from 2008 do not mention involvement from Austin. Stephen Nolen was instrumental in the creation of the Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest, being the first person to suggest a contest lasting 24 hours during the initial discussions.


Year Title Notes
2003 I am LegoMan
2003 LegoMan Meets Santa Claus
2003 Crime Doesn't Pay!
2004 LegoMan Makes a Friend
2004 The City Council Meeting: A Preview
2004 Hair - No Mo
2004 One Bad Day
2004 Chef Wars Teaser
2004 Missing Moon Mission Movies
2004 Are We There Yet?
2004 The Car
2004 The Real H.A.T.[3]
2004 The Factory Fix High Adventure Theatre Contest entry
2004 Scary 2004
2004 Mr. Miyagi
2004 Protowrxs 10 10 Brick Contest entry
2004 Mirror Star
2004 A Word From our Sponsor
2004 A Protowrxs Christmas
2005 Indian Nation
2005 Dude!
2005 AnimatorDV Ad AnimatorDV Commercial Contest second place winner[4]
2005 Don't Bug Me Heroes and Villains Contest third place winner[5]
2005 AntiD Disqualified Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest entry
2005 Any Gal of Mine
2005 Pictures He Drew
2005 Brock & BrickO episode 1: Ouch
2005 Brock & BrickO episode 2: Copy Cat[6]
2005 Brock n BrickO episode 3: Row Row[7][8]
2005 Brock n BrickO episode 4: Rudy
2005 1985
2008 Toy Town People
2008 Shoe Bomb
2008 Brock Vs BrickO episode 5: Women
2008 Doritos Anyone?