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Star Wars: The Ruthless Plan is a Star Wars brickfilm by Jordan "Fancy Pants" Johnson and his brothers, which was released in four parts throughout September 2008. It is about the Rebels and clone army holding a secret weapon on the planet Endor, which Emperor Palpatine has found out about and sends Darth Maul to investigate.[1] It was the first major brickfilm project created by Fancy Pants.[2][3] The character of Commander Arlon later reappeared in Fancy Pants' brickfilm Clone Training Center, as well as further films in the Bridge & Gus series.


Unfinished prequel[]

In 2009, Jordan Johnson was working on a prequel to the film, which was going to be titled The Ruthless Plan Part 5. This film was never completed, but on April 28, 2010, a 9-minute video featuring the animation that was shot for it along with commentary was made available.[4]