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Star Wars: An Average Death Star Day is a 2007 Star Wars comedy brickfilm by Eden Sanders. It follows multiple events that take place on the Death Star.[1] It was an entry to the LEGO Star Wars Movie Making Contest and won the 13 - 17 age category.[2]


A stormtrooper is guarding a door on the Death Star. C-3PO tries to walk through, but the stormtrooper chases him away. C-3PO tries again, disguising himself as Darth Vader, but the stormtrooper realises and chases him away again. The stormtrooper waits by the door with a shovel in hand, but the real Darth Vader walks through next, and the stormtrooper hits him. Darth Vader force throws the stormtrooper around, before continuing through the Death Star.

Darth Vader thinks he sees a stormtrooper, but knocks over what is actually a cardboard cut-out, before continuing on. The stormtrooper who put it there angrily sets the cut-out back up and leaves. Boba Fett arrives and asks the cut-out for the time. He becomes angered by its silence, and shoots it to pieces.

Darth Vader approaches who he thinks is the Emperor, but it is revealed to be Luke Skywalker in disguise, and Han Solo and Lobot arrive with guns drawn. Luke takes out his lightsaber and begins showing off his moves, but accidentally manages to cut off all his limbs and head. Han Solo and Lobot draw lightsabers, but so do Darth Vader, Boba Fett, a stormtrooper and the actual Emperor, and they all fight. The fight is halted by C-3PO, who offers them snow cones.[1]


  • Eden Sanders - Director, Animator, Editor, Voice actor, Music, Sounds effects
  • Erik "Flachbat" Lechtenberg - Animator
  • "Virt" - Credits music

Extended Edition[]

The first version of the film uploaded was under three minutes long, to fit within the time limit of the LEGO Star Wars Movie Making Contest. This did not include all the footage that was shot, so the full version was uploaded as an "Extended Edtion" the next day on July 17, 2007. This edition includes over a minute more footage, and some of the lines are different and/or extended.