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Star Wars: Une mission périlleuse (English: Star Wars: A perilous mission), also known as Brickwars, is a 2007 Star Wars brickfilm by "zwan".[1][2] It is set between Star Wars episodes III and IV, and follows a Jedi who helps the rebels by attempting to steal the Death Star plans.[3] It was considered by zwan to be his first proper film.[4] It was rereleased under the name Brickwars at the request of Dailymotion, who wished to feature the film on the front page of their site but were concerned about the copyright of the Star Wars logo.[5][6]


Contest information[]

The film was entered into a Star Wars video contest hosted by CINECINEMA. It won the fourth place prize in the contest, and was set to be broadcast on television in November 2007 before one of the Star Wars films.[7]

Cancelled sequel[]

In 2007 or 2008, zwan began work on Brickwars 2, which would have been set between Star Wars episodes IV and V. This film was never finished, but a scene that had been filmed for it in 2008 was released in 2010 as Duel Jedi.[8]