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Star Trek LEGO: Paradox is a 2003 science fiction brickfilm directed by Martin Ročkai and co-produced by Peter Kučera. It is about the Starship Enterprise being sent to find a ship that has mysteriously disappeared.[1][2] It is the sequel to Star Trek LEGO X from 2000.

The film was in production from 2001 to summer 2003, and was delayed by a hard drive failure which meant about one third of the film had to be re-shot.[3] It debuted at the college SPŠ elektrotechnická Františka Křižíka in 2003.[4]



  • Martin Ročkai as Jean-Luc Picard, Data, Worf, Arthur Wreker, Crewman, Farmer
  • Peter Kučera as William T. Riker, George La Forge, Novak, Daniels, Farm girl, Coachman
  • Blanka Kučerová as Beverly Crusher, Waitress


  • Martin Ročkai - Director, Costume designer, Production designer, Executive producer, Story, Screenplay, Visual effects supervisor, Additional music, Art director, Assistant editor
  • Peter Kučera - Film editor, Director of photography, Producer, Story, Set designer, Visual effects
  • Blanka Kučerová - Catering
  • Ing. Zbyněk Suchý, Blanka Kučerová, Robert Ročkai, GLC graphics, Lukáš Čeřovský - Special thanks
  • Gene Roddenberry - Very special thanks