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StarLego is a 1991 brickfilm by Myles Abbott and Kevin Burfitt. It is a remake of a portion of Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope, from before there was any official Star Wars LEGO. The creators were influenced by the 1989 brickfilm The Magic Portal by Lindsay Fleay, as they too are Australian and had managed to see it long before it was more widely known of.[2]

Regarding the year of creation of the film, Kevin Burfitt stated in a 1999 interview "We thought it was 1990, since that's what we had on the tape box, but I think it was actually 1991 (we probably started it in late 1990)".[3] A remastered version was created in 1998 to replace the original mono audio with the audio from the 1997 remastered edition of A New Hope. StarLego was made available on the internet in 1999, placing it among the earliest brickfilms shared online.[4] It was shared by Star Wars fan sites of the time such as the fan film directory Mos Eisley Multiplex.[5]


StarLego is a loose recreation of the opening scene of Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope, in which the Imperial forces led by Darth Vader storm Princess Leia's ship, and she gives the stolen Death Star plans to R2-D2 before he escapes the ship with C-3PO. Comedic visual elements and bloody violence are added, and the ending is changed so that when C-3PO and R2-D2 depart the ship, their escape pod explodes.


  • Myles Abbott - Animator, Editor, Special effects, Epilogue credits
  • Kevin Burfitt - Animator, Editor
  • Robert Bagnall - Photographer
  • David Lawrence - Additional LEGO