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Sssssss. is a 2010 slapstick comedy brickfilm by James Morr. It is about a man who wants to be a snake.[1] It won first place in the seventh Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest.[2]


A man sits on a park bench. He suddenly sits up and declares: "Hey, I'm a snake!" He begins hissing and sliding along the ground like a snake. Still hissing, he slithers up a tree. A real snake slithers by on the ground and the man watches. As the snake leaves, the man demands "What the hell was that?"

A while later, the mayor demands the man get out of the tree. The man refuses. The mayor shoots the man out of the tree with a shotgun. The mayor walks up to the dead man and says "I'm sorry, but there can't be two snakes in a one-snake town." The mayor then slithers away, hissing. A man pops out of a trash can and yells.[1]