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Squad 42

March 20, 2007
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The Squad 42 series is a series of Star Wars brickfilms created by Gareth Pugh. It follows the elite Squad 42; a group of four clone troopers who undertake dangerous missions. It is considered to have been influential on the landscape of Star Wars brickfilming on YouTube.[1] It is among the longest-running brickfilm series'.

Films Edit

Squad 42 (2007) Edit

Squad 42 defend the clone trooper base from a droid attack.

Squad 42: Rise of the Confederacy (2007) Edit

Squad 42 are located by the Confederacy, who send AAT battle tanks and Multi-Troop Transport vehicles to attack.

Squad 42: The Final Order (2007) Edit

As Squad 42's base is overrun by droids, the Commander comes up with a solution.

Squad 42: No Alternative (2008) Edit

The confederacy invade a city, and Squad 42 are sent in to neutralize the threat.

Squad 42: Alone in the Dark (2008) Edit

A search and rescue mission is ambushed by the Separatist droid army, who seek info chips from the helmet of a clone leader. Squad 42 head in to assist with the battle.

Squad 42: Dissolution (2018) Edit

Following Order 66, Squad 42 are sent by the Emperor to locate and eliminate one of the last surviving Jedi. However, the Commander goes against the primary orders by wishing to bring the Jedi in alive.

Other Edit

APRIL FOOLS! Squad 42 - Galactic City (2011) Edit

An April Fools' Day release.

Squad 42 VI - Unused Footage (2009-2012) (2012) Edit

A compilation of footage created for the cancelled Squad 42: Galactic City.[2]

References Edit

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