Squad 42: No Alternative
Squad 42 breach the city wall
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Science fiction
Running time
  • 5:45 (Original)
  • 6:42 (Remastered)
Part of the Squad 42 series
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Squad 42: No Alternative is a 2008 Star Wars brickfilm by Gareth Pugh. It is about Squad 42 being sent in when the Confederacy invade a city.[1] It is the fourth film in the Squad 42 series. A remastered edition of the film was released in 2009, which added new CG scenes, an original soundtrack, and new voice acting.[2]


On the planet Bellamore, a city is invaded by the Confederacy. AAT battle tanks storm the streets and battle droids begin to kill innocent civilians. A guard in a tower sends a distress call and requests a Republic attack force, before being killed. It is decided that a full Republic counter attack would put too many lives at risk, so Squad 42 are sent to find a way to neutralize the droid army.

Squad 42 arrive and break in through the wall surrounding the city. They sneak around on raised walkways until they reach the entrance to the city's central power core, which is being heavily guarded. They throw a grenade to neutralize the guards, and continue on inside. The Commander explains that they have found an EMP pulse generator, and that one blast from it will disable every electrical device in the city, including the droids. He activates it, which causes all of the AATs and battle droids to shut down.[1]

Cast Edit

Crew Edit

  • Gareth Pugh - Creator, Director, Producer, Animator, Editor, Music (Remastered edition)
  • Matt Smith - Music (Remastered edition)

References Edit

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