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Squad 42: Alone in the Dark is a 2008 Star Wars brickfilm by Gareth Pugh. It is about a search and rescue mission that is ambushed by the Separatist droid army, requiring the assistance of Squad 42.[1] It is the fifth film in the Squad 42 series. A remastered edition of the film was released in 2011, adding new CG scenes and new voice acting. However, this was also a heavily truncated version as it was created as part of college coursework that required a short film no longer than 6 minutes.[2]

Alone in the Dark was the last finished Squad 42 film for close to 10 years. It was originally intended to be followed by Squad 42: Galactic City, but this film was cancelled in 2012. It was eventually followed by Squad 42: Dissolution in 2018.



  • Gareth Pugh as Cody, Deviss, The Commander, Squad 42 member
  • "OZZYPROD", Milo Price, Brad Roberts, Michael Inglis, Liam "LPAnimations" Ambrose, "ConWozProductions", R.J. "maggosh" Wallischek, Sam Richardson, "Commander Shaun", and "ThunderShockStudios" as Other clone troopers
  • Al Nickels as voices in the remastered edition
  • Brent Mardon as voices in the remastered edition


  • Gareth Pugh - Writer, Director, Producer, Filmer, Editor
  • The Clone Army Builders Guild - Thanks
  • Clone Army Customs - In collaboration with, Thanks
  • adeo Media - In collaboration with
  • "J4ke" - Disgorger Star Destroyer models


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