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The Sports in Brickfilming Challenge (SIBC) was a brickfilming contest hosted twice by Graeme Allen, in 2007 and 2008. It was created after Allen noticed how uncommon it was to see sports in brickfilms. The first SIBC was run on the forums, while the second was run on the Bricks in Motion Refugee Camp forum.

Sports in Brickfilming Challenge[]

The first Sports in Brickfilming Challenge was announced by Graeme Allen on the forums on April 24, 2007. It challenged brickfilmers to create a short film depicting a game being played. The minimum time limit was 30 seconds, and the deadline was extended multiple times until landing on October 1.[1] There were no physical prizes. It received 3 accepted entries. It was judged solely by Allen, and results were posted on October 8.


  1. Hot Dogs - by Jeremy Wisoff
  2. The Street Race - by Jan Gortnar
  3. Kung Fu Championship - by Andrew Munzer

Sports in Brickfilming Challenge 2.0[]

Sports in Brickfilming Challenge 2.0 took place in 2008 on the Bricks in Motion Refugee Camp forum, again hosted by Graeme Allen. The minimum time limit remained at 30 seconds.[2] Availability of information on this contest is limited as not all of the contest thread is archived.


The only known entry ranking is first place, Air Hockey by Menachem "maronislego" Aron.[3] The other known entries are Free Running by Richard Van De Steenoven, Vacuum Racing by Owen "NOStudios" Hyatt, and Air hockey X by "LegoLoverFilms".[4]