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The Spirit Stompers series is a series of brickfilms created by Jason Boyle. It follows the adventures of the Spirit Stompers, a trio of Paranormal Control Agency exterminators who are tasked with taking care of situations involving ghosts and monsters. It stars Jason Boyle as Max Marine and Cabbie Benjer, and Colin Boyle as Sam "Two-Guns" Jones. All of the films in the series are roughly 10 minutes long.[1]


Spirit Stompers: The Ghostly Job (2007)Edit

The Spirit Stompers are called in to rescue a woman who is being held hostage by a ghost. They discover that the situation is not as straightforward as it appears.

Spirit Stompers: The Christmas Town Assignment (2007) Edit

Cabbie Benjer receives a request for help from his cousin, an elf who works at the North Pole. Santa's sleigh is running out of power, and Santa has made a deal with a shady character to acquire power.

Spirit Stompers: The Reunion Brawl (2008)Edit

Max Marine is invited to a family reunion, and the other Spirit Stompers accompany him. It is uncovered that Max's cousin has the power to spawn things from his imagination into real life.

Spirit Stompers: The Hallows Eve Specter (2008)Edit

An ancient religious cult arrives in Hallowsburg, and Max manages to get himself marked to be sacrificed. First place winner of the Brickfilming Halloween Competition 2.

Other appearances Edit

That Groovy Kind o' Love (2010) Edit

This film by Jason Boyle includes a scene in which the Spirit Stompers are called in to take care of undead demons that have been summoned. As this is not a dialogue-driven film, the Spirit Stompers do not speak in this appearance.[2]


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