Spirit Stompers:
The Reunion Brawl
Jimmy's imagination brings a monster to life
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Released August 24, 2008
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Language English
Part of the Spirit Stompers series
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Spirit Stompers: The Reunion Brawl is a 2008 supernatural action brickfilm by Jason Boyle.[1] It is the third film in the Spirit Stompers series, and it is about the Spirit Stompers going to Max Marine's family reunion, where they discover the powers of Max's cousin's imagination.[2] Its working title was Spirit Stompers: The Reunion Skirmish.

Plot Edit

A young boy watches the horror film Scream. That night, he dreams that he is being chased by Ghostface. Ghostface materializes in real life in the boy's room and escapes out the window.

At the Spirit Stompers HQ, Max Marine announces that he has been invited to a family reunion, and Sam "Two-Guns" Jones and Cabbie Benjer invite themselves along. Upon arriving at the house, they are greeted by Max's sister, Caroline. She requests Cabbie go tell her son, Jimmy, that lunch is almost ready. In his room, Jimmy is trying to imagine the scariest monster possible. He thinks that the scariest monster has to be a real monster, and a monster then materializes in his room. He is happy to have created a real monster and wishes for more, and more materialize. Cabbie enters and the monsters chase him out. A fight ensues, and Cabbie is eventually flung out the window. He tells the family there are monsters in the living room.

Max draws his gun and enters to shoot the monsters. The monsters begin to escape, and Two-Guns and Cabbie aid in the battle. With the monsters defeated, the Spirit Stompers tell Jimmy to never concentrate on imagining anything that hard again, lest it become real. Max tells Caroline to never invite him to another reunion, and the trio leave.[2]

Cast Edit

  • Jason Boyle as Max Marine, Cabbie Benjer, Jimmy, The monsters, Ned
  • Colin Boyle as Sam "Two-Guns" Jones
  • Emily "Sparks Flying" Boyle as Caroline

Crew Edit

References to other brickfilms Edit

A post-credits scene features The Unholy Trio, from a series of brickfilms created by Ryan Boyle. Another character from an Unholy Trio film, Groose from James Lord Pierpont Must Die!, can be seen in a crowd earlier in the film.

The walls of the house include posters for America: Outlawed by Doug Vandegrift and Greed by Thomas Missault (a film that was never released).

References Edit

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