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Spirit Stompers: The Ghostly Job is a 2007 supernatural action brickfilm by Jason Boyle.[1] It follows the paranormal exterminator trio, the Spirit Stompers, as they are called to a hostage situation.[2] It is the first film in the Spirit Stompers series, and it was followed by Spirit Stompers: The Christmas Town Assignment later in 2007.


Three Paranormal Control Agency exterminators, the Spirit Stompers, are sent a new mission briefing. Cabbie Benjer tells Max Marine and Sam "Two-Guns" Jones that their job is to rescue a Sir Edward's fianceé Ellonia Wells, who has been kidnapped by an insane ghost and is being held in a house guarded by demons. The Spirit Stompers gear up and get in their van.

Upon arriving at the house, they find a police officer waiting and see the demons. Max devises a plan where he will take the front door, Two-Guns will take the back and Cabbie Benjer will wait outside to cover them. A battle breaks out in the yard as they shoot the demons to reach the doors. Max shoots the front door down and finds a sword-wielding ghost inside, and a fight begins. Two-Guns hops through a rear window, where he finds Ellonia Wells. He says he has arrived to rescue her from the ghost, but she tells him the ghost, Hans, is helping her hide from the deranged Sir Edward. She explains that she was due to marry Sir Edward but actually loved Hans, and when Edward found out, Hans died mysteriously.

The Spirit Stompers locate Sir Edward to arrest him for murder. Edward has just finished a potion to remove the blessing from around Hans' house to allow evil in, and he summons beasts before magically vanishing. Edward arrives at Hans' house, and as Hans' spirit has not passed on due to his strong love for Ellonia, he resurrects Hans fully so that he may kill him for good. The Spirit Stompers arrive again, and shoot Sir Edward. Ellonia is overjoyed to find Hans alive again.[2]


  • Jason Boyle as Max Marine, Cabbie Benjer, Sir Edward, Hans Brown
  • Colin Boyle as Sam "Two-Guns" Jones, Wilson
  • Emily Boyle as Ellonia Wells
  • Ryan Boyle as Police officer


Spirit Stompers series
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