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Spirit Stompers: The Christmas Town Assignment is a 2007 supernatural Christmas brickfilm by Jason Boyle. It is the second film in the Spirit Stompers series, and it is about the Spirit Stompers being called to an urgent mission in the North Pole.[1] It was originally written for Christmas 2006, but Spirit Stompers: The Ghostly Job was already in production at the time, so it was decided to wait for Christmas 2007 to make The Christmas Town Assignment.[2][3] It was followed by Spirit Stompers: The Reunion Brawl in 2008.


Cabbie Benjer receives an email from his cousin Eddie The Elf, who requests urgent help at the North Pole. On Christmas Eve, the three Spirit Stompers take a flight to Christmas Town and head to Santa Claus Inc., where the elves are making toys. Eddie The Elf's assistant, Tilly, shows the trio to Eddie's office.

Eddie explains that Santa's sleigh, which runs on belief power, has been getting weaker and can now barely fly. Santa has claimed there is enough power to fly the sleigh while kids are still awake to increase belief power, but Eddie is suspicious of a letter stating a "John Olvinear" has made a deal to lend Santa dark power for the sleigh. Cabbie Benjer recognizes Olvinear as the name of the demon lord of ice, and upon learning that Olivnear asked for nothing in return, the Spirit Stompers realize that the town isn't safe. Max requests a flying machine so that he can patrol the area.

Santa is concerned that he must leave soon or the power won't work. Cabbie Benjer radios to Max, and hears him spot the demons and become grounded. Max finds himself surrounded by demon snowmen led by Olvinear, and Olvinear explains that with Santa allowing dark power into Christmas Town, Olvinear can march in to take over without being repelled by once pure magic. Max shoots Olvinear, and is then surrounded by the snowmen. The other Spirit Stompers arrive to help, and all the demons are defeated. Back at Santa Claus Inc., Santa thanks them for saving Christmas Town, and offers them anything they want for Christmas. Cabbie Benjer asks to be Santa Claus for one night.[1]



  • Jason Boyle - Writer, Director, Animator, Special effects, Set design, clay sculptures, "Silent Night" performance
  • Ryan Boyle - Bender figure


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