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Spilled Milk! is a 2010 comedy brickfilm by Eden Sanders and Erik "Flachbat" Lechtenberg. It follows a man who plays a game at a carnival, in which he attempts to knock over a stack of bottles. It was created for entry to the 2010 Utah High School Film Festival.[1]


At a carnival, a carny attempts to attract customers to his game of "Spill the Milk". He ushers over a man and talks him into paying the required dollar, before explaining that he has three chances to knock down a stack of bottles. He gives the man a ball, and when thrown, it ricochets off the bottles, without moving them. The carny provides another ball, and the man hurls it at the top bottle, which wobbles greatly but ultimately does not fall.

The carny hands over the last ball, which the man is surprised to find is glowing. The carny realizes he accidentally gave the man "the chosen ball", and the man hurls the ball towards the bottles, leading to a massive shockwave that destroys the carnival. However, the man is dismayed to find the bottles still standing. With the carny incapacitated, the man takes another ball to throw at the bottles. This time, the bottles are sent flying in all directions, but ricochet until they return to their original arrangement. The man falls to the ground in frustration, and the carny gets up and asks if he wants to try again. The man holds up another dollar.[1]


Year Competition Category Result
2010 Utah High School Film Festival Animation Third place[2]