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Spider-Man has had a presence in brickfilming since the first release of official Spider-Man LEGO, in 2002. Many people would have been introduced to brickfilming via Spider-Man brickfilms, particularly as a result of the official LEGO and Sony Pictures promotional brickfilm Spider-Man: The Peril of Doc Ock by Spite Your Face Productions, from 2004. Spider-Man has become popular in both stop-motion and later in CG brickfilming, and the characters lends himself to dynamic animation.




In 2002, the first Sam Raimi-directed Spider-Man film was released, and the first wave of official Spider-Man LEGO sets was released. From 2000 to 2002, The LEGO Group were releasing the filmmaking-based LEGO Studios line of sets, and, due to the film connection, the first wave of LEGO Spider-Man sets was released as a subtheme of LEGO Studios.[1] Press releases for these sets proposed that kids could use them in conjunction with the LEGO Studios Steven Spielberg MovieMaker Set to remake scenes from Spider-Man (2002) in LEGO.[2] Some available examples of Spider-Man brickfilms created with LEGO Studios are Spiderman: Der Banküberfall by "peko2411", Pink Zombie's LEGO SPIDER-MAN (2004?) by "PinkZombieStudios", LEGO Spider-Man (2004) by Aaron Hinton, Spiderman 2 (2004) by Jonathan Munoz, and Spiderman- Born to be wild (2006) by Jacob Onnen.

From 2001 to 2004, The LEGO Group collaborated with Spite Your Face Productions (the English duo Tony Mines and Tim Drage) for official stop-motion brickfilm productions. For the 2002 LEGO Studios sets, Spite Your Face were tasked with making brickfilms that were featured on a CD included with the Spider-Man set 1376 Spider-Man Action Studio and the Studios Horror set 1382 Scary Laboratory. In addition to the Studios Horror brickfilm Scary Thriller, this CD included two different edits of a Spider-Man brickfilm that was less than a minute long and made up of loosely connected shots of Spider-Man and the Green Goblin in action. This brickfilm was also available to view on the LEGO Studios website.[3]


A frame from The Peril of Doc Ock (2004) by Spite Your Face Productions

Further Spider-Man LEGO sets were released in 2003, no longer under the LEGO Studios umbrella.[4] 2004 saw the release of the film Spider-Man 2, which had a new wave of LEGO sets tied in with it.[5] As part of the promotion for the film and the LEGO sets, Spite Your Face Productions produced the 4-minute brickfilm Spider-Man: The Peril of Doc Ock for LEGO and Sony Pictures. This was a highly publicized and widely shared brickfilm in this era.[6] It debuted on's Movies section,[7] and was subsequently made available on[8] and on early video streaming sites such as IFILM and[9] There was also a longer, alternate ending version released in 2004.[10] Once YouTube was getting off the ground, The Peril of Doc Ock spread again via uploads from various people who had downloaded it from the internet,[11] before Spite Your Face themselves uploaded the alternate ending version in early 2007.[12]

Spider-Man brickfilms were not very commonly released online during the classic era of, but ones that were posted on the site include:


Doc Ock in Hamburger (2004) by James Morr

Additionally, the Kevin and Mr. Tater brickfilm Hamburger (2004) by James Morr featured Doctor Octopus and Spider-Man in major roles. It also makes reference to Spite Your Face Productions, in the wake of the release of The Peril of Doc Ock.

Rise of YouTube[]

YouTube was first launched in 2005, and rose in popularity greatly throughout 2006 and 2007. Some of the Spider-Man brickfilms first uploaded in 2006 had originally been created in prior years. Spider-Man brickfilms uploaded to YouTube in 2006 (apart from various reuploads of the Spite Your Face Productions Spider-Man animations) include:

As with other IP-based brickfilms, Spider-Man brickfilms had the capability to attract a lot of views on YouTube. Some examples uploaded in 2007 include:


A frame from Lego Batman - The Spider-Man Team-Up! (2007) by Forrest "forrestfire101" Whaley

The first brickfilm uploaded to YouTube by Forrest "forrestfire101" Whaley was Spider Vs. Sand, in July 2007. forrestfire101 would become well known for his LEGO Batman parody series, with the first release being Lego Batman - The Spider-Man Team-Up! in September 2007. Other installments in this series that cross over with Spider-Man include The Lego Batman, Spider-Man, & Chewbacca Movie (2007), Lego Batman - The Sidecar (2008), The Lego Batman & Spider-Man Movie (2009), The Lego Batman & Spider-Man Movie 2 (2009), and The LEGO Batman, Spider-Man, & Superman Movie (2010), which was one of the most viewed brickfilms on YouTube for a period of time in the first half of the 2010s.[14]


A frame from Lego Spiderman Episode VII, Deadpool (2009) by David Mackenzie

2008 saw the beginning of The Amazing Lego Spiderman series by Reggie "darkspidey34" Wishom, which would run for over 10 years and see installments of up to feature length. Another series that began in 2008 was LEGO Spiderman by David "CustomLegoMinifigure" Mackenzie. This series was part of a trend in superhero brickfilms at this time of films that were popular in large part for showcasing custom painted and crafted superhero and villain minifigures, at a time before many Marvel and DC characters had official LEGO minifigures. Another series that showcased many custom minifigures was Superhero High (2007 - 2010) by Russell "BilliardBlockheads" Perry,[15] which is mostly lost as Perry's channel was hacked. "yotoeben" was a brickfilmer who made various Spider-Man brickfilms with custom minifigures in 2009.

The 2009 films Meeting Of The Villains and Meeting Of The Heroes by Keshen8 each prominently feature Spider-Man characters.


After 2004, The LEGO Group had not continued to release new Spider-Man LEGO sets. In 2012, they launched the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes theme and hosted the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Video Contest on Tongal, but Spider-Man was not at the forefront of this as the character was not yet appearing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. LEGO would release Ultimate Spider-Man sets from 2012 to 2015,[16] and further waves of Spider-Man sets were released intermittently from 2016; the same year in which Spider-Man first appeared in the MCU in the film Captain America: Civil War.[17] Spider-Man brickfilms were less prevalent in the early 2010s than Batman brickfilms, but some examples include:

Paganomation created the brickfilm LEGO Marvel Super Heroes - Spider-Man for in late 2012.

The mid-2010s saw the rise of a new generation of superhero brickfilmers who often made Spider-Man brickfilms and trailer recreations, with people such as "fireballmovies", Costin "Atlas Animationz" Modoianu, Nick "RADvisuals" Radulov, Akash "AkashLegoProductions" Jones, Austin "thebrickranger" Williams, Tom "Sullivan Cinema" Sullivan, Darren "dt98films" Taylor, "LeoBrickFilms", "SamashBrickProductions", "FlapJack Films", and Huxley Berg. New Spider-Man brickfilm series' in the mid-2010s included:


The thumbnail of The Spectacular Lego Spider-Man (S2:EP9) Spider-Man, No More! (2017) by "Paradox Pictures"

"Paradox Pictures" began releasing his series The Spectacular Lego Spider-Man in 2013. This series went on to see releases throughout the next 8 years, with over 20 installments which were often over 15 minutes each. The finale of the series was a four-part arc released from 2019 to 2021[19] that totaled over an hour long once it was compiled.[20] Other brickfilmers such as Darren "dt98films" Taylor, Michael "JimA73"/"Allchin Animations" Allchin, Logan "GrassoGuy" Grasso, Austin "thebrickranger" Williams, and Jack "Jam Pot Studios" Rizzo also contributed help to this series.

A Spider-Man brickfilm that received an unusually high amount of views on YouTube is The Independent Spider-Man (2014) by Jett Williams. This film has over 32 million views as of 2024.

In early 2017, The LEGO Group launched the Tongal project LEGO Spider-Man: Homecoming Video Project to source a promotional brickfilm that was to be shown in cinemas before Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017), as well as shared on social media. The resulting brickfilm was LEGO Spider-Man (2017) by Sam Lawlace.

In 2018, Sean Willets directed and animated LEGO SPIDER-MAN at Digital Wizards Studios.

In the late 2010s, Spider-Man was frequently featured in YouTube Kids brickfilms, such as those by Stop Motion King, Little Toys TV, and Billy Bricks - WildBrain. This continued into the 2020s with channels such as Brick Fun Park, LEGOSTOP Films, and Brick Creation.


The thumbnail of SPIDER-MAN (2002) IN 97 SECONDS (2019) by "Edbound"

"Edbound" had first made Spider-Man brickfilms as a kid in 2010, before going on a hiatus from brickfilming from 2012. He began uploading brickfilms again in 2018 with Spider-Man Fights Some Guys [In Lego]. Edbound began releasing brickfilms very frequently and became a popular brickfilmer with influential comedy and animation styles. His popular Movies in a Various Number of Seconds parody series (2019 - present) has seen comedic recaps of most major Spider-Man films since Spider-Man (2002). Edbound has also made various other Spider-Man brickfilms such as the Spider-Man: The War On Drugs films (2019) and the Spider-Man: Into The Sonyverse series (2019).


Official Spider-Man LEGO sets have been released in every year of the 2020s. There have also been numerous theatrical Spider-Man releases between the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Sony Spider-Man Universe, and the animated Spider-Verse films. Spider-Man brickfilms have become more prevalent in the 2020s.

Spider-Man became often seen in short-form and test brickfilms,[21] and became hugely popular in the Blender CG brickfilm scene, which rose in prominence dramatically in the 2020s. Examples include:

David "CustomLegoMinifigure" Mackenzie made a one-off return to brickfilming with the CG film Lego Spider-Man Episode IX: Into the LEGO-Verse (2021); the first film in his LEGO Spiderman series since 2009. "Edbound" has also made CG brickfilms including Spider-Man brickfilms, in addition to his stop-motion films.


A frame from Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse but in LEGO (2023) by Preston "LegoMe_TheOG" Mutanga

Preston "LegoMe_TheOG" Mutanga began making CG brickfilm animation as a pre-teen,[22] and became known for creating high quality Spider-Verse trailer and scene recreations from age 13.[23] His January 2023 release Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse but in LEGO | Official Trailer (4K) was seen by Spider-Verse producers Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, and, at age 14, Mutanga received the opportunity to create a CG LEGO animated scene that was included in the 2023 theatrical film Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. This resulted in much media coverage from the likes of Variety, CBC News, Global News, and NBC News.


The thumbnail of THE WEED GOBLIN (2022) by "Edbound"

"Edbound" has released many more Spider-Man brickfilms in the 2020s, including Spider-Man: Noir (2020) and Spider-Man Noir: Chapter 2 (2020), that's him! Spider-Man! (2021), Spider-Man: Attack of The Symbiote Bezos (2021) and Wrath Of Bezos Prime (2021), Spider-Man Vs Venom (2022), and THE WEED GOBLIN (2022) plus THE WEED GOBLIN 2 (2023). In 2024, he created LEGO Marvel Avengers battle in New York for LEGO.

Jack "Linkinpop13" Kearns animated the action brickfilm Lego Spider-Man: Miles Morales (2023) for Forrest "forrestfire101" Whaley, which was in production for two years on and off.[24]