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Speed Demon! is a 2004 action brickfilm by Nick Maniatis about a police chase down a busy road.[1] It was an entry to the High Adventure Theatre Contest on and was created in just the 5 hours before the deadline, as Maniatis had realised that a larger film he was creating for the contest would not be finished in time.[2] The film is known for its use of micro-scale, and was noted as an influence on the 10 Brick Contest[3] (which Maniatis would go on to take first place in, with Interference).


A red car is chased by a police car and pulled over, but quickly drives away. The police car gives chase through traffic, but the red car causes a truck to swerve, leading to a pile-up which blocks the police car. The police car manoeuvres around the pile-up and catches up with the red car, finding it pulled over. The criminal emerges from behind a building on a motorbike and escapes the police car by squeezing between traffic, but another police car up ahead ambushes the criminal by driving onto the road and knocking down the bike.

It is then shown that these events were taking place in a video game at an arcade, as a man asks the player for a go of the arcade machine.[1]