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Special Deliverance is an award-winning 2005 comedy brickfilm by Leftfield Studios. It follows the story of an angel who is sent to earth to reassure a man of his good deeds.[1]


A distraught man, Merle J. Stewart, sits down on a park bench, frustrated at his repeated failed attempts at being a hero.

Meanwhite, at the GOD (Guaranteed Overnight Deliverance) Space Station, Bert, a rookie angel, is assigned to help Merle. Bert lands next to Merle and convinces him to review his life. They sit on the park bench and Bert clicks a remote. The remove allows Bert to fast forward and rewind Merle's life. They witness a young Merle helping an old woman across the street. Bert begins to describe the good deeds Merle did at a young age, but is interrupted when the old woman is hit by a vehicle.

Merle points out his worst mistakes, including dropping an Indian princess into a pit of crocodiles, running into a light pole when chasing a thief, and knocking a fresh strawberry cheesecake to the ground.

Bert counters by pointing out good deeds Merle did by accident, such as opening a car door and tripping up a thief, which leads to the thief reforming and founding a charity. The charity saves a young boy, who goes on to develop a treatment for cancer. This saves the life of someone who Merle also accidentally sneezes on, who passes the cold through various people all the way to a ruthless dictator. This dictator, about to initiate World War III, stands down. During the celebrations, a firework takes out the fleet of an alien force. Their defeat ultimately leads to the victory of good over evil.

Bert concludes that sometimes the best heroes aren't ever aware of the good they have done. Merle is overjoyed.[1]


Special Deliverance won second place in the Heroes and Villains Contest, and Audience Best Film Award at Brickfilmsfestivalen in Sweden.[1] It was also nominated for three 2005 Brickfilms Achievement in Motion Pictures Awards including Best Voice Acting Performance[2], which it won.[3]

Year Competition Category Result
2005 Brickfilming Achievement in Motion Picture Arts Best Overall Film Nominated
Best Screenplay Nominated
Best Voice Acting Performance Won