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Space Race is a 2001 comedy brickfilm by Peter Friend. It is about two groups of people who race to become the first to claim a newly discovered planet. It was Friend's first brickfilm, and it was created with LEGO Studios.[1] It was available to view on the LEGO Studios website.[2]


A man in red and a man in white each sit at large telescopes and look around out to space. The man in red spots and planet, and tells the man in white. The men each try to claim the planet is theirs. They run off, and the next day they each return with teams of people. The teams both deconstruct the telescopes and begin to build rockets out of them.

Several days later, the two rockets are complete and preparing to launch. They launch simultaneously, and race towards the planet. They both crash land, and the man in white and man in red fight over who gets to plant their flag. However, a giant creature then arrives and eats both men. Another giant asks where the men came from, and after the first giant points up, they look through a telescope and find earth. The giants decide that earth is now theirs, and they begin construction of a rocket out of the two wrecks left by the men.[1]